Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Happenings.

Up as usual, I skipped coffee this morning , still fighting some kind of a sinus and stomach bug, took a cold remedy before bed and slept good, but I didn’t want the coffee to aggravate a sour stomach. Donna headed out to the truck company at 05:30AM , she has the restaurant duty again tonight, I laid back down after she left and I was immediately joined by Rigg’s and Sadie up on my bed for there extra sack time. Don’t know who snores loudest of the two.

As far as Thursday happenings, there were none, zip, nada. Dardenne Prairie was it’s usual quiet place, it was cold & damp all day, I had to take Andy for food for Sadie and I stopped at Auto Zone, to get a front axle shaft for my truck, the driver side is making noise. Can’t believe of the millions of Chevy trucks out there they don’t stock a shaft for a 2004. I had to order it. You would think I had a 54 chev truck. I guess that’s the way it is now, I remember when a parts store actually had the parts you needed in stock. Today unless it’s a gas cap, you have to order it. When I was younger you could go into an auto parts store and ask for a fuel pump for a 57 Mossmagator or a 63 Veeblefetzer, and the guy would open this big book up write down a number and disappear into one of the aisles and come back with a box with your part and say that will be $5.99. Today they have to order it and it will be in in a week and that will be $300.00 please up front before we order. So much for progress, were going backwards.

I just sat down at the kitchen table, Rigg’s is laying at my feet and Sadie is laying on her rug next to him, she’s a lady and likes a rug under her. They are in their combination guard and rest position, looks like mostly rest to me with the eyes closed.

Well thats’ about it for Thursday, hope the week is going by fine for everyone out there. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. Okay Sam...I'm sitting here laughing because I honestly don't know if a 'fuel pump for a 57 Mossmagator or a 63 Veeblefetzer' is real or not. LOL!!! I honestly can't keep a straight face. I don't think it's real, I think you made it up, but I'm so totally ignorant when it comes to cars or parts that I have no idea. Regardless, I love the words.. Veeblefetzer and Mossmagator.. I don't know...maybe I've just had too long of a day, but I just find those two words hysterical. You and Donna take care and God bless!

  2. wait wait wait...my husband just bought a kanutenkunupper valve so maybe what ur saying is true. :-)

  3. I was trying to remember....but I think I had a 63 Veeblefetzer...just can't really remember what it looked like. It's all so long ago. Thanks for bringing some laughter into my day, Sam.

  4. Yea, just last week we needed a gizmo for the thingamagig. This was after already replacing the whatchacallit on the blingabob.

    It never ends, does it.

  5. I'm thinking that Riggins and Sadie-Mae may think you snore the loudest! :)

  6. We don't have a mossmagator or a Veeblefetzer but many times we've had to wait for parts to be airlifted from Europe or USA. Nobody can afford to carry parts anymore and part of the problem is the variety.

    Get well soon ... but I don't think whatever you have is doing your funny bone any harm.

    Blessings to all at the Weibel Ranch.

  7. 57 Mossmagator or a 63 Veeblefetzer; those are certainly classics! If you had either one in mint condition today, they would draw so much attention you couldn't even get near them. I really liked the dark blue ones, they looked so sleek! Oh well, those days are long gone, just as you said, Sam.

    Keep your eyes peeled, and get well. Not drinking coffee can have really bad long term effects, you know. You will get all grumpy, and then you'll get all lumpy, and then, who knows what will happen next?

  8. You're right, most things are no longer stocked...don't want to tie up their monies. Glad you had a good day and stayed warm and dry.
    Take care!

  9. Sam, maybe the part has to come from China!

  10. I'm sorry your feeling so bad. Hope you get well soon. hang in there my friend...If the dog;s could talk, they might tell you that YOU snore louder than they do!!That's what my wife tells me, I don't stay awake to find out!!Keep smilin!

  11. With ya on the auto parts...They got everything lashed down so tight in the new cars and trucks that you have to remove the engine to change a lightbulb....
    Feeling punk?? Can you say Hot Toddy??

  12. I worked at an auto parts place as a kid. There was Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. A lot of the parts were common where Ford and Mercury were the same.Many Chevy parts also fit Olds, Pontiac, Buick, and even Cadillac. Foreign cars didn't exist. Plus, the cars generally had an engine and a generator and nothing else. No power steering. No antipollution devices, etc. There was so much extra room under the hood you could hide a body or two there.

    Here's to an easier way of life!