Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Happenings.

It started out early and what a gorgeous day it is, sunny and in the mid 70’s. I took Nicole to Augusta to school this morning and then me and Adam just piddled around the house and he did some kid computer stuff on my laptop.  At noon his Dad took him and they went on a Boys day out.  They took all of the  bb gins and went to Andy’s buddy Dannys house to shoot. I guess I got him going on it yesterday and after he told his Dad about it, his dad wanted to try the full Auto on the AK47 so they decided to go shooting again.

I stopped at the auto zone again and bought some cutting wheels for my air grinder, and I found out that my tool is shot, it’s a cheapo made out of plastic and the plastic cracked and it leaks more air than it gets to turn the wheel. Lesson learned stay with metal air tools. Luckily it the only plastic tool I own.

Didn’t have enough time to look for a replacement today as I had to go and pick Nicole up from school.


Nicole after school, she is Grandpa’s sweetheart..

On the way home we passed the store at Hyw D & DD that we named, “The store what has no Ice Cream.” Everytime we pass it we say that and laugh. Today Grandpa took the long cut instead of the short cut so we could stop at the QT where they do have Ice Cream, and Nicole and Grandpa each got a cone, yummy..

Nicole is staying again tonight with Adam so they can play together, they get along so well it is just a pleasure to watch them..I ‘m getting so spoiled by having the Grandkids around all the time that next week when the are gone I will be lonesome for them.

Donna has the restaurant tonight, Andy, Samantha and the kids are invited to dinner at his buddy Danny’s so Grandpa will be batching it for tonight, I guess I will have one of those Potatoes & Ham Dinners you put in the Micro, and  wash it down with a couple of High Life Lights, now that sounds to me like a good St Pattys dinner.

Hope everyone is having a great time, Life is good, so enjoy it while you can. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Corned beef would be nice tonight. However, we were in the Safeway earlier and the fried chicken looked and smell real good! So fried chicken it is.

    Yup, good having those grandkids around. Can't wait to May 15 when we see our own.

    Have a great day, friend!

  2. Enjoy your dinner Sam, it sounds good to me!


  3. We're having corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and red potatoes . They are all boiling on the stove right now...Boy does it smell good in here...Happy St Paddy's Day to you and yours, Sam!!!

  4. Happy St. Patty's day Sam! Have a relaxing evening on your own. Sounds like you'll be ready for it!

  5. Know what ya mean. I.M. also about to that stage where my tool is also shot.

  6. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    There is nothing better than ice cream with someone special! Glad you all enjoyed. You all certainly have special "grands." :-)

  7. Happy St patricks to you all there! Alas, no colcannon and irish soda bread - too hot to cook! Have a great weekend coming up.

  8. Potatoes and ham doesn't sound too Irish, but it is quick and easy when you don't have anyone to cook for!

  9. Sounds like a great meal to me, minus the beer. Can't handle beer when eating. Yuck...