Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Happenings.

The day started as usual, Donna was up at 04:30AM, I laid in bed and then got up at 05:30AM when she was leaving for the truck company. I got up and made the bed, and then my son Andy said He would take Nicole to school,so I was left with nothing to do. I read a couple blogs and then went in to find Rigg’s and Sadie up on the bed making sure no one could steal the comforter.They took Mom’s choice side of the bed, but did leave enough room for me so I put a movie on and laid on top of the comforter next to them. Of course Sadie moved over and cuddled and went to sleep.

It was cold all morning the high was only supposed to 44 but it never got above 40 that I saw so we are out of spring again for awhile.

Last week I ordered a DVD-RW drive for our laptop,on the net for $29.99 refurbished. My Latitude came with a with a read only DVD with a CD writer. It arrived today and was the wrong one and would not fit. So I sent it back and found another for the same price , this time I e-mailed them and asked if it would fit a Latitude D610 and they said yes, so I ordered that one.It should only take a few days and I will swap them. I like the DVD format because it holds more data per disk and is faster. Also I discovered that the battery in the laptop was shot, It has been plugged in but when I checked the charge level it read zero and charging, 24 hours later it still read zero and charging. It works fine when plugged in. So I took it the the PC shop where I bought it and the tech read it with a meter and said it was shot. He had one to replace it for $37.00 so I said I’d take it. works fine now it is back to 100% charged after a couple hours..

Today is another restaurant day for Donna, My son Andy volunteered to make dinner tonight, We are having Rotini Carbonarra, this is a spiral shaped macaroni that is cooked el denti, and then a white sauce with bacon is added.

Our boys can all cook plus Andy worked at the restaurant  while he was in high school and the cooks taught him a few tricks so he is pretty handy around the kitchen and the BBQ pit.

Not much going on, Nicole just got home from school she is helping in the kitchen and then is going to start her homework. It is just so amazing the life a child living in the home makes so lively. Rigg’s and Sadie compete for attention with Nicole now and the laughing and noise that goes with it makes it seem so much more of a pleasant atmosphere. She is really a good kid and has won Grandpa’s heart over. That’s  for sure, I would hate to have to holler at her like i had to with the boys growing up, but come to think of it Adam doesn’t get hollered at much either when he’s here.

That’s about it for today, be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. Sounds like a very peaceful day and a dinner you or Donna don't have to cook. That's a nice treat.
    Take care and be safe.

  2. El Dente...did you just say that?? Next thing you know, Al will be on the Food Network giving Giada De Laurentis a run for her apron!!! My son loves to cook...and my youngest daughter does too..but Terrie, the middle daughter thinks cooking is heating up a cardboard pizza LOL!!!

  3. Maybe your hollering vocal chords got all worn out when you were raising your boys? I'm glad that Andy is cooking for you tonight--you can take the night off!

  4. I love this game :)

  5. Wondering if you hear from the little girl back in PA!