Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Meanderings.

Was up at 04:30AM with my bride, then she was off to the truck company, and on the way home she has her every three month Neurologist appointment. So far she has had good results every time since her heart surgery.
Had another RV repair guy, This one is a carpenter, come by and take a look at the floor, he helped me remove the rest of the carpeting, except for the slide out. I was glad to see all the flooring that had been under the carpet was solid and new looking, I also took out some of the partitions and a shelf from under the sink to get more room to see how extensive the damage under there is. This guy said the same thing that they wood that is there is dry now, but at some time, for a long time in the past it was wet. He thinks whatever was leaking was repaired by the previous owner and he did not realize or chose to ignore the fact that the floor under the vinyl linoleum was soaked and damaged. he checked the walls and doesn’t see any traces of water running down from the roof, It said in almost all cases like that there is damage to the inner walls and wall finishing.He was going to e-mail me a bid before Friday and said if the insurance won’t cover it he will work with us to keep the cost down. like Dona and I putting the new top layer of floor covering in. He said what hurts is the amount of hours expended in removing the sink cabinet and fridge cabinet, but that he will try to see if he can maneuver the floor under the fridge cabinet so it won’t need to be removed. only bad part is all the wiring and the converter and fuses are located under the sink cabinet drawers and that all has to be moved to get the floor in.
My buddy MIKE suggested returning the RV to the manufacturer ( Coachman) for the repairs, but without being sure the insurance will cover it and no warranty in effect I doubt we could afford it. A Police Pension and social security only stretch so far. Any way Coachman is out of business and Forest River isn’t honoring any of their service complaints so I doubt they would want to even look at the trailer now plus it’s 2005 which makes it almost 7 years old.
After the RV guy left John Deere and I went out and did  another sweep of the grass, managed to get it stuck in a rut and being alone, I was lucky enough the ground was dry enough to get behind it with my truck and pull it out  with a strap, I should have know I was getting in to far but the next thing I knew the wheels were spinning and I couldn’t back it out.
Nicole is home from school sick today, so I been keeping a check on her on the couch and asking her about once and hour how she feels. just being a doting Grandpa.
I have another RV-Marine repair place coming by at 04:00PM to take a look at it so that will give us three bids. Then it will be up to an insurance adjuster to decide once I have the bid’s.
Were just sick over this as we had water leak trouble with our previous fiver and the dealer I took it to said it would costs more than the trailer was worth to repair, I found the Coachman at his place and he gave us $4000 instead of $3000 on a trade and knocked another $2000 off as an incentive. I stressed when I bought it I was moving up to a hard fiberglass shell body with aluminum frame and joists just to stay away from water problems. But I guess no matter what you have the possibility is always there.
Before I forget Here is a copy of an E-Mail Donna sent to all the family members updating them on Adam’s condition, you are all our blogger family so I wanted to pass it along.
In talking to Shana Saturday all Adams test came back clear.
They are now thinking that he could possibly have ulcers.
He is suppose to limit acidic foods including soda, which of course is a bummer for  a kid today.
She said she has really noticed an improvement.
He was w/ us all weekend and seemed to almost normal again
Though ulcers in someone so young is not good, but other things could be much worse, so we
are really hoping this is what it is. Love Donna.
Hope everyone is having a great day,Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Man that sucks about the 5th wheel hopefully the insurance will cover it..hang in there.

  2. Hello to the Weibels! I hope all goes well with Donna's appointment. Glad they know what to do for Adam. And I hope you get your rig in tiptop shape before long. A pat for Riggs and Sadie.

  3. I guess now you just get all the estimates and wait. Your fiver appears in good shape other than that floor..good you found that out! As much as you both enjoy camping, unless it's through the ceiling, I would get it fixed, doing as much yourself as possible...Yep, it's just like owning a summer house...anything can happen ANYTIME!!..GOOD LUCK..!!!

  4. Sure am hoping the insurance company comes through for you. And even though ulcers are not good, it is something he can learn to live with if he takes care of himself. So that is the good news. Hope Nicole is feeling better.

  5. Wow. That's a lot of news to digest. I sure hope everything turns out well for you, the fiver, Donna, Nicole, and Adam. That's a hard load to bare.

  6. Good luck with that repair Sam. Maybe not the best problem to have but it sure could have been a lot worse.

  7. Glad to hear the report on Adam...at least ulcers can be treated. Hope Nicole is feeling better and able to go back to school soon. And here's hoping the insurance company comes through for you

  8. Good job Sam getting the estimates and the different opinions.....Got my fingers crossed for the insurance. Get your policy out and look for water damage coverage and exclusions. They aren't that hard to read... Besides if the adjuster says its not covered, just ask him to show you where it says that in the policy. He will show you... But if I were you, I'd look myself. Good Luck my Friend..

  9. Hope Donna's appointment went well. Glad you are getting those estimates, it's just too bad that you have to do it in the first place. When Kevin looked at it when we were there, he had said that he didn't think it was going to be an easy job. It's good to hear though that the guy having a look at it, thinks that the leak was aready fix. I sure hope so. We're glad that Adam seems to be doing better and hope that Nicole is feeling better today. Give Riggs and Sadie a good scratch behind the ear for us.

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. If you got this problem from the previous owner, can you go back on the folks that sold you the fiver in the first place. Its now obvious that the leak was fixed and the damaged floor was covered up....