Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, October 8, 2011


Had a great nights sleep was up at 06:00AM, it was 63 degrees, sat on my picnic bench and enjoyed watching the day start at the campground, found a wi-fi spot that was unlocked about a block from the campground. The Dell Wi-FI hardware in my laptop includes a utility program which has a tab called site monitor, when you click on it it shows all the wi-fi hot spots transmitting and if they are locked or not. it also shows the signal strength and usually anything above very low (about 12bps) will give you a lock on to mail and the internet.I just happened to see it and left it on while I was driving out of the campground within a block I saw an unlocked 24bps signal, and posted my blog and received my mail. All in just a few minutes time. I sure appreciated whoever's signal I borrowed.

At about 11:00AM I went to Warrenton MO.and picked Adam up and we came back to the campground, their are a couple other boys his age here so he is happy. He can only stay one night because he has a sleepover tomorrow with some of his friends from school.

He is going to the hospital Monday to have some more test’s done, this is related to the stomach problems and earlier stays in the hospital. they still haven’t nailed down what his problem is. I know one of the test’s is a colonoscopy so he will be put under during that one. He has asked Grandpa to go with him because he said he is a little scared. I told him sure I will right there with you when you wake up. Last year I was in PA. when he had his last procedure in the hospital, hope they get this all cleared up while he is still young.Grandpa is a little scared too.

We will be going out to pick up some wood and the after supper we will start a nice campfire and sit next to it for awhile until he is tired, you can tell he isn’t himself as he took a nap on the couch for about an hour this afternoon after bike riding he just doesn’t have his normal energy.


  Playground got good use, Adam is on the left.



                      Time for a campfire.

Well that’s it for today, hope everyone is having a great day,Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. Hope all goes well with Adam next week. I think that would be a pretty scary procedure myself and I am an adult. I don't blame him a bit for wanting his Grandpa there with him.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Tell Adam we'll be with him as well...in spirit!! Sure hope everything goes well and so glad you will be there! We will say a prayer all goes well and they can find the fix for him.
    Have fun this weekend!!

  3. Hope all goes well. Keep us posted please.

  4. So glad you can be there with Adam. Lots of prayers are being said that they find out what's wrong and fix it for him. Give him a big hug from all of us.

  5. Praying all goes well with Adam next week..he is in my prayer basket...loving your pictures...hopefully this test will find the problem...

  6. Glad to hear that you're getting one more camping trip in this weekend. I'm praying for good, definitive test results for Adam. Good thing he will have his Grandpa there with him this time!

  7. Keeping Adam in my thoughts and prayers. That's a lot for a boy to go through. Good thing he has Grandpa to help. Keep us posted.

  8. We hope that Adam's problems are soon behind him. Nothing more heart breaking than having a youngster with problems. He sure is fortunate to have a Grandpa who is as attentive as you are.

    Helen and Paul

  9. We will be thinking of Adam next week and praying for him.

    It's a great time of year to be camping in Missouri...

  10. Adam will be fine. He has the love and support of two great grandparents. I know you will keep us informed.

    Isn't it wonderful that kids have such an easy time finding other kids around to have some fun times?