Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Meanderings.

Was up early for coffee with my bride, the I had to take a machine my son rented to the Lumber Yard in Old Monroe Mo. Then right from there I had to drive into St Louis County to Maryland Hts MO. to get the check for the roof job signed by our Mortgage company so we could deposit it and pay for the job, Never again in the height of the morning rush, no wonder Donna leaves at 05:30AM to go to the City of St Louis, what a madhouse, I had a lady sail right onto the highway on an entrance ramp and cut right over when I only had about two cars lengths between me and the car ahead of me, I hit the horn and she was so close I thought she hit the front bumper of the truck, but she just flipped me the bird in the mirror and didn’t stop, When I got to West Port Plaza where I was going I went and looked and there was a little scrape in the chrome like black plastic just like her car. but no obvious damage.

Got home and put the truck in the garage. enough road rage for one day.

Donna called and said we have a new addition to the family. My Son Sam Jr. in NYC has acquired a new Dog which makes him our new Grand dog. He is a Miniature Australian Shepherd named Ralphie. His previous dog passed away in April.



                      Our new Grand dog, Ralphie..

We got the bids over the weekend and Donna faxed them to the insurance company, now we are just waiting to hear from them as to when an adjustor can come out.

Waiting for Nicole to get home from school, not much else going on it’s sunny and 60 degrees, so that will be good for the roof job, the guys are going to work on it a little each night after work and then finish it this weekend.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Of course the new grand dog is beyound cute!

  2. We have had so many close calls recently while towing. In each case it was someone who decided at the last minute they absolutely needed to get off at the exit they almost passed. So, they would race to cut in front of us to exit. In one case they forced us all way over into the exit lane causing us to force another car onto the dirt.

    I can imagine someone flipping the bird in response to what they did wrong. Glad your damage was minimal. Hope this woman had damage too.

  3. So glad she didn't cause too much damage...how awful. It seems the entire world is in a terrible hurry to go nowhere!!
    On a happier note....Ralphie is adorable!! What a cute new addition to the family!!

  4. I always try to avoid rush hour. Too many kooks out there. :)

  5. Ralphie is adorable !!Sweet pupper...glad you didn't have much damage..it sure could have been worse...take care

  6. Ralphie is so cute!!!!..another grand doggy in the family, how sweet is that!!!

  7. That's my DREAM dog...I want a mini-Aussie so bad but I will probably never have one. When my old dogs pass on it wouldn't be fair to a new dog to bring it onboard. I'm afraid it would outlive me and then what would happen to it. Oh well, I still enjoy looking at pictures of mini-Aussies. Ralphie is adorable.

  8. That puppy is adorable!!!

    What's with your insurance company...they should have had an adjuster out within days of the claim being reported.

  9. Another cuttie added to the family and a close call for you Sam!! Glad you came through it OK! Remember, like you say,,,,be safe out there.....

  10. Ralphie is so cute. I am sure that we will be seeing more of him on your blog.

    Kevin and Ruth

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