Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday/Sunday Notes.

       GO CARDS
Saturday dawned a sunny and nice day a little cool in the morning and then it got into the 70’s in the afternoon. Adam called his buddy that lives behind us at 09:30AM to see if he could play, They were out and then he had lunch at his buddy Brandon’s and didn’t get back until 05:00PM. a full day of outdoor play no video games or inside stuff, just what a boy needs. Nicole’s Dad called Friday and asked if she could come over for the weekend so she was gone, so luckily Adam had his buddies to play with, Rigg’s was happy as a lark being outside to bark at the kid’s and get attention every time one of them ran over to give him a pet.
Adam & Rigg’s got into the World Series spirit last night.
Nicole has a jersey so I will get a picture of her when she gets back.
Donna got asked to work at the restaurant on Sunday again, I guess she will be working from 09:00am to 05:00pm.
Adam’s buddies had church this morning so he is waiting to see if they can play again today.
It is another nice day here on Sunday with sunny skies and the temp is supposed to get close to 80 today. Just a gorgeous weekend.
Took Adam back to Warrenton Mo. about 03:00PM then came home to wait for my bride to get home from the restaurant. she got home around 04:00PM, I started some Italian shells with hamburger for supper.
Not much else going on.  Tomorrow I have another guy coming to give an estimate on the trailer, and then I have one more referral to call. There is a Coachman dealer in Eureka Mo. so I may call and get an appointment to take it down there for an estimate also.
Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. The "boys" (both Adam and Riggs) look so cute in their World Series shirts!!
    So glad Adam likes playing outside...that is soooo good for him. So many kids today just sit inside in front of the T.V. Good for him!! :-)

  2. I would definitely get that last estimate from the Coachman dealer...Even though I'm not known for liking the Cards...those 2 looked so cute in their shirts..

  3. I agree ...the "boys" look adorable in their shirts AND get that last estimate. Good luck with your repairs.

  4. Really a good thing to get as many estimates as possible.

    Hey, what about those Cards!

  5. love the display of team support!..so cute!..Riggs?..red is his colour!

  6. Love, just love, the picture of Adam and Riggs in their shirts. I agree - get lots of estimates.

  7. Go cards! Anyway I am waiting for the post where you tell me where the water that rotted the floor came from. Put that garden hose on and turn up the pressure to full tilt and see if it came from the plumbing under the sink.

    If it came from the roof, wouldn't one of the walls be messed up too?

    I agree that Adam and Riggs are true Cards fans.........

  8. I am a great one for taking a RV back to the Factory for repair. Especially any extensive repair like you need. If you could, I would take it back to them for this work. They built it, so they are the best to repair it, Thats my feeling... Have a great week and keep us posted...

  9. Like the others, I'm quite interested in finding out what caused the leak.

    What a World Series - sure hope the Cards can pull off a win tonite!