Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday-Sunday Notes.

Saturday started early, there was a knock on the trailer door at 07:30AM and two of Adam’s buddies he played with Friday night were there and asked if he could play and go on a bike ride. That was it he was off like a flash and played all morning except for a chocolate milk break for the boys. About 12:30PM he came in and had lunch and said the boys were packing up and leaving.  Then about 01:30PM Shana, Adam’s,  Mom arrived at the campground and said she needed to pick him up early as the sleepover was starting earlier than she thought.

So Grandpa just relaxed on a beautiful sunny day and enjoyed the nice weather,about 03:00PM 2 popup trailers, 2 RV trailers, and a couple of tents showed up ,and the kid population increased by about 10 of all ages. The word got out that a guy that looked like Santa was in the big trailer on the end ,so I had a stream of young visitor’s. In the evening some of the Mom & Dad’s came by and had a beverage with me and said the kid’s really enjoyed my stories. That to me is what camping is about. Anyway I called it a night about 4 beers or at 10PM whichever came first.

Sunday I was up at 05:30AM had the coffee ready and watched a great campground sunrise, No pictures due to the tree’s in the way. I started at about 10AM and got everything stowed and ready for travel. pulled over to the dump station and drained and flushed all the tanks as much as I could including the water heater & fresh water tank. Sometime this week I will blow out all the water lines. and add a gallon of pink stuff to the grey & black water tank and all the traps, and then put the winter battery maintainer on it. Then unless we do get away sometime this winter, It will be ready to hibernate for the winter.

After I got home and got the fiver parked on the pad. I went in and I could hear Rigg’s crying for his Daddy, he was so excited to see his Daddy after 4 days away.

Donna had her Lumix camera handy,


MOM. open the door, Dad’s home I can hear him.


O’Boy, O’Boy here he comes Mom, He’s Home…


              I sure missed you Dad, I Love you.


I know you have to give Sadie lovin too, but I want a hiney rub.


                        Two arms and two dog’s.

Well, had a great time at the campground and the weather was just perfect no rain sunny skies, a small breeze but everyone had their awning down and no worries about the wind kicking up, just a great time to relax. And the new recliner got put to good use.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and I will be late posting tomorrow with Adam’s procedure scheduled for about noon. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Too funny, Riggs sure does get excited, doesn't he? Hope everything goes well with Adam tomorrow!

  2. Glad you got out again one more time, Sam. :)

  3. great to get away but even better to come home!!!

  4. Two arms and only two dogs.....you've got it made.

    We're standing by for word about Adam. Like everyone else, we are hoping for the best.

    Helen and Paul

  5. Labs sure like there hiney's rubbed,Annie is the same way.

    Hope things go well for Adam.

  6. Looks like a great weekend and a even greater reception back home!
    Have fun

  7. Glad you had a great weekend!! You are so right...you will never meet nicer folks than RVers!!
    I think Riggs really missed you!:-)

  8. That's what is so wonderful about dogs - they love to welcome you home because they missed you so much.

  9. Sorry to read about Adam's problem. Hope they can get it figured out so he can get his energy back. Glad you will be with him at the hospital.

  10. Adam will be in our thoughts ..best of luck with his procedure...I HATE that pink stuff!...We still have some in from last Dec. when we came home early...The color pink means the camper stays home...that's how I see it. Hope you two can somehow get away at least for a couple weeks...

  11. Sure hope Adam gets good news from his tests.

    There's nothing better than coming home to a welcome from your dogs!!