Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

Slept in and missed my bride leaving,don’t know what happened, but I remember Donna getting out of bed at 04:30AM, the next thing I knew I opened my eyes and the clock said 600AM in big red letters, “Oh No “I missed her leaving at 05:30AM.

I know I haven’t been to clear about what is wrong with Adam. Donna sent an e-mail to family members and friends this morning and I am including it as it is so much better than anything I have come up with so far. She truly is the brain of the outfit. For all our Blog Family…

Felt so sorry for Adams mom, talking to her last night she is just so frustrated and upset.

Poor guy has been going thru so much and is getting sicker rather than better and they have

no idea at this time what is wrong with him.

They will have full results of these biopsies next week.

He has been having nose bleeds, stomach pain and is tired and listless(sp?) He has lost some weight

and he wasn’t a big kid to begin with.

next step is they will have him swallow one of those cameras that looks like a big pill that will travel his

whole digestive system. then after that the allergists.

Of course the not knowing is what is so stressful on everyone....at least if you know what the cause is

you can plot a course of action and go from there.

I know a few years back when I was having issues with passing out, test after test after test and the inconvenience

the time and the just plain yuckiness of test were not as bad as the 'no results'

So we are all just trying to wait this thing out.  I feel in my heart that its going to be something very simple

that is being overlooked, possibly a food allergy.

Thought I'd just let all of you know what was going on..

We are all hoping here for some conclusion to all this soon. As I said he is just one sick little boy and I feel so helpless with nothing I can do to help him get well.

I may have mentioned it but Donna & I will be going to Branson MO. on about the 4th Of Nov.for a little getaway of a about 4-5days. We have decided since motel rates can be had so cheap we will stay in one and leave the fiver at home. I have already drained it and emptied the fridge and food out of the storage closets so it will be easier than if we had to load it back up again and dewinterize it, just for a couple nights.It is Veterans Week in Branson from the 4th until the 11th and several of my old Navy Helicopter squadron guys will be there. The one is from my hometown of Scranton. Be fun for us old rotorheads to get together, and maybe force down a beer or two. Men don’t say much to spouses and family about their military time. But I have always shared some one on one time with Adam and my boys when they were youngsters and had questions of me.  They only see the glorious TV & Movie side of it and I always emphasized it was fun but also serious business and in Adam’s case I stress a college education in case he decides he wants to fly like Grandpa did.

Rigg’s is sitting here waiting for his buddy Nicole to hit the back door from school. I can hear it already when he tries for a kiss and a facelick. Nicole coming into the kitchen is like someone turning another light on, it sure brightens a Grandpa’s day.

Well that’s about it for today here at the Weeb Ranch, it’s been a bit cloudy off and on all day but in the 70’s.

Everyone have a great day out there. and be safe. Sam & Donna…



  1. My heart breaks for your little Adam. I'm hoping and praying they find out quickly what is going on with his little body.

  2. so sorry to hear there is not alot of improvement in Adam...our daughter has Celiac disease and was just recently diagnosed...she had to do the camera test...it was quite easy to do..it sounds scarier than it is...praying for quick diagnosis for him

  3. It is always the worse feeling when someone so young isn't feeling well. We will be praying that the doctors can pinpoint what is wrong and get Adam feeling better very soon.

    The "getaway" you have planned for you and Donna sounds perfect!

  4. Soooooo glad you and your bride are getting away together...It is going to be good to get away and do something different...Our prayers are sent for Adam to get a diagnosis soon and get some quality treatment....

  5. So hard when a child is sick. I sure hope they find something soon. You're a good grandpa, Sam, and I'm sure the family appreciates it. I am keeping Adam in my prayers. Hang in there. Glad you and Donna are getting away for a few days. Enjoy.

  6. Sending our best thoughts for Adam in hopes his problem is soon diagnosed and the little fella can get on with a program of recovery and well being.

  7. Best wishes for Adam, I hope his doctors can come up with a diagnosis soon.

    Good to see you and Donna are going to be able to get away for a few days.

  8. Poor Adam. I sure hope they can fix him up pronto!