Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Musings.

Made it up at 04:30AM with my bride,we had a pretty good thunder storm going when we got up.Donna was out the door at 05:30AM for the truck company and then the restaurant.

Caught up on blogging this morning and then made our hotel reservations for our Branson trip and also booked a Dinner show on the Branson Belle. Tony Orlando has a show with free admission for Veterans that week so we will be going to that. I will have to see what else Donna would like to see as I have been to most all the religious & comedy shows when I was bus driving and taking groups down there.

Well Rigg’s is in trouble again. He’s going to try and explain his way out of it.

Guess I was a bad boy the other day but I just couldn't help myself.

You see my Mom had baked some cupcakes and had them on the counter....ALL DAY....

and I was very very good, but boy could I smell them.  Then that night I saw Andy come in a take one, so I figured they were fair game....honestly I was only going to take one, really....but boy that 1st one tasted so good, it was chocolate and had a gooey chocolate stuff inside.  I couldn’t help myself.  I made a big mistake though the 4th one I took in the living room where Mom was watching TV, guess she heard the sound of the paper thingy around the cupcake (that part didn’t taste so good) and I was busted..

She thought I only had the one until Andy ratted me out by saying he had only 1, why couldn’t he have said he had more.  I got called bad dog a few times.  I know I worried her because I heard her and Andy talking, she went on the computer to find out if the cupcakes could hurt me, but found that it should be okay because I'm such a big guy.

Now how can something that tastes so good be bad for me !...Mom watched me like a hawk, guess she just wanted to make sure I was not going to be sick.

Now as far as the trash thing, I see Nicole all the time have one of those round hollow things in her glass, so why can't I have one. Mom said the day that I can drink my water through a straw is the day I can have all I want.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to do that....wouldn’t it be neat !

Sorry Sadie didn't mean to almost smoosh you when you were on Mom's lap the other day, but every time she sat down you wanted on her lap and wanted to sleep and have her pet you, guess I got a little jealous.  Didn't know you weren’t feeling good, and I know when you don't feel good the best place in the world is on Mom's lap.

Of course with me only a little bit of me fits on her lap, but still makes me feel better.


See I'm sorry you aren’t feeling good.

Well, guess I'll woof at everyone later....I'll be better tomorrow I promise


Good news our blog friends JUDY & EMMA finally got the brakes on the motor home repaired after being stranded at the garage in Indiana for several weeks. I think if it would have taken much longer she would have had to register to vote there.WE wish them well now in their travels.

Been pretty much of a do nothing day, the truck stayed in the garage all day and about the only project will be getting the dumper down to the end of the driveway for the morning pickup. Rigg’s is on watch for the school bus and his buddy Nicole, she is due any minute.

That’s about it for today, Adam went back to school this morning so far we don’t know when the next procedure will be scheduled. Everyone Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…….


  1. Laughed at the story Riggs told, and I could just picture him getting caught red handed (chocolate pawed?)!

  2. Riggs - I'm sure glad you didn't get really sick from those cupcakes. Sometimes human food isn't good for puppies even when it tastes good. Thank goodness our girls are too short to reach the counter. Sure hope Sadie is feeling better. Being sick is not fun.

  3. I'm in trouble most of the time too, Riggs..Cupcakes, eh?? Good choice.

  4. Donna's cupcakes....now you just can't blame the boy he has good taste!!!!

  5. Riggs is not to blame. If Donna didn't want him to have a few, she should have put them out of his reach.

    Jodie, Coco , and Sandy

  6. awww Riggs you must have been in contact with Pheebee (The Bayfield Bunch) she ate the pumpkin pie :)....sometimes its just worth the scolding when your a furkid..:) take care great blog...

  7. I'm sure glad Emma isn't big enough to reach the counter. But then I never have anything as tempting as cupcakes on it anyway. :)

  8. Riggs you need to compare notes with Al's Pheebe. She had half a pumpkin pie the other day. Humans are just so trying sometimes...leaving all that good stuff within reach. A fur kid can only take so much temptation. Glad you didn't get sick.

  9. cupcakes are hard to resist!!..oh Riggs..hope you are feeling okay tonight!!

  10. Sorry to be missing you in Branson! Hope you have a great visit!!

    We have been to several shows there. If you have been to SIX, it's great!

  11. A dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do. With a lab, it becomes exponential.

  12. Even if you do get a little bit sick, I'll bet it was worth it just to eat those cupcakes, right Riggs?

  13. Riggs - we had a cat that LOVED Angel food cake. ONLY Angel food cake. Tell me, were those Devils food cupcakes? Just sayin......

  14. Riggs, you were a very bad dog! You reminded me of our Lab Blue. He was also a very bad dog. We couldn't leave anything on the counter top because he would eat it. He ate so many loaves of bread. One time the refrigerator didn't close tight and he ate a whole pound of butter. He pooped 10 pounds of butter. Fortunately he didnt get to the turkey carcass that was right behind the butter. Riggs, you are a bad dog!

    (aw...such fond memories)