Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts.

Up at 05:30AM just as my bride was leaving, read some blogs and laid around on the couch.

I have been thinking about an upgrade for the fiver. It came with two swivel rockers, but they did not recline.

Our friends in Wisconsin STEVEO & KAREN had just found two recliners for a great price of of $169 for their motorhome. The only  drawback was the chairs were at a chain called Menards. The closest Menards to Dardenne Prairie is in Columbia MO. about 77 miles, or a half a tank of fuel away for a round trip. Not quite  a half but I figured about 45 dollars in diesel to go get one.

I decided to wait until later or if a better deal came along rather than make the trip. Yesterday, My bride ever the accountant handed me a Sunday paper ad for Rothman’s Furniture and it had a Columbus Day Sale ad with a rocker recliner like the one at Menards for $144. She said why don’t you go and check this one out. Plus it’s in O’Fallon MO. only 2 miles from home on the north service road.

Look what I came home with, they had one left and that was okay as Donna didn’t want a recliner.



                          Out with the old.


                             In with the New.

It fits in just right and now I can watch TV in style, maybe even catch a snooze too.I think it fits in with the darker trim on the couch too. I did have to remove the back to get it in the fiver, and I was alone so it was a little bit of a lift, but all went well and in about 30 minutes I was good to go.

Another great sunny day here at the ranch, it is supposed to hit 83 degrees today and be like this for the next 5 days. I can see maybe a final trip to the Lake later in the week maybe Thursday and come back on Sunday. That way when I get back all the tanks will be flushed clean and empty and I can drain the water heater and then all that will be left will be to add a gallon of pink stuff to each tank and pour some in each trap after blowing out all the water lines and low points.

Well we are waiting for Nicole to get home, Rigg’s will be right there by the back door ready to sneak a kiss and a lick in at she comes in the door.Nicole will squeal, “Rigg’s stop” like she always does and Grandpa will just laugh. What a great way to have the afternoon go by. What would we do without those little “Life’s moments” that happen all the time but a lot of times go unnoticed. Children are so much a part of those times and make a house sure come alive. I sometimes think of all the little moments I missed as my boys were growing up and I was away at work and not there to notice it.

Everyone be safe out there, or as Sgt Esterhaus used to say at the end of rollcall,“ just be careful out there”..  Sam & Donna…….


  1. I like that new recliner...looks like some good naps in the future!!
    Looks nice in the 5er!
    Yes, there is truly nothing like children. They have a way of making us smile and remember what it was like when we were younger! I spent 35 years enjoying these precious little people....what a wonderful career!! :-)

  2. Love the new chair. Can you push it out of the way to pull in the slide? Jim just loves his "sleep" level on his recliner.

  3. Oh boy, you will love that recliner...We love ours..Will Riggs fit in your lap when you recline??

  4. I'm with Donna. I'd prefer the swivel rocker myself. :)

  5. Nice recliner! Does it have a built in cup holder??!!

  6. Happy TV watching in that new recliner! We need a new couch in our fifth wheel. What I would give for a nice sofa for our little living room.

  7. nice recliner..great for bloatin' nappin'

  8. You'll love that recliner! It's one of my favourite features of our new 5'er.

  9. Yup, since we put in the two new recliners in our rig, Steveio has been taking naps in his chair! Can't come between a man and his recliner, eh?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard