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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday-Sunday Notes.

Decided to combine the weekend posts again, just laziness and not much going on, the weather here has been a great Indian Summer type, sunny all day temps in the upper 70’s to low 80’s, but then cool in the 40’s at night. the furnace kicks on early in the morning hours. Supposed to be sunny all week according to the forecast. Have to stock up on a cord of good wood to add to what we have left from last winter.
Went through some of my old pictures, I never tire of the old Navy stuff, hope you guys out there don’t either.
No turning back. F-8 Crusader at the end of the cat shot, notice the bridle cables flying off the front.
For Steveo & Karen in Wisconsin, the USS Wisconsin BB63 and the USS Shangri-La CVA38,(one of my old ships) tied up in the Mothball fleet in Phila PA. in 1985.Shangri-La went to scrap, The Wisconsin was luckier and is designated a Museum ship in Norfolk Va. now.
USSSgangri-LaCVA38Mayport Fla.
For Jim & Dee, USS Shangri La at Mayport Fla.in 1967. They love the Fam Camp there.
A Family picture, My son Tim’s ship the USS Rentz a guided missile Frigate, with a UH-3d from my old squadron HC-2, and a new SH60 in the back, Persian Gulf,1990.
Nobody get’s close to the big guys. That’s a .50cal by the way.
Hope the vets out there enjoy those pictures as much as I do.
It always amazed me back then which was way before GPS and modern satellite technology how we managed to find our way out on the ocean. The ocean, any ocean is an endless place, sure if you were close to the ship they could find you on radar but in the 60’s, even that had it’s limits, so you had to depend on radio beams, Tacan, and dead reckoning, wonder how that got it’s name. I think of that every time I see a picture taken at sea where you are surrounded on all sides by endless water and no horizon. Add to that nighttime and clouds and storms and it get worse.
Now we have the laptop, and the GPS in the truck wherever we go and were on highways with numbers and signs. Sure have come a long way in 40 years.
Donna is at the restaurant today(Sunday) for a day shift, so maybe she will get home at a decent hour tonight.
Hey, how about a train picture?
For my Canadian friends, a Bullet nosed Betty. This ones for you Don.
Well that’s about it for today, Hope everyone is having a good weekend and all those traveling south have clear weather and safe driving conditions. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…


  1. Neat pictures, Sam! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can't believe the nerves of steel it must take to fly an airplane off the back of a ship. Great train picture.

  3. And just how did those explorers way back then find their way across any ocean or land for that matter!

  4. Phyllis: Columbus' GPS must have been saying "recalculating" constantly, so he turned it off! He was aiming for the West Indies.

  5. Always fascinated by the aircraft carriers and the ability of those pilots to take off and land on a postage stamp in the middle on the ocean. Great photos.

  6. Good job with the pictures Sam. Wish I had some of my old pictures set up so I could publish them. Seems its just something I don't get around to......

  7. Howdy Sam,

    Thanx, for all of the great pics today!!! I did a lot of the machining of the experimental work
    on the F-8U for the Navy and a friend of mine was a test pilot for
    speed-testing; he is scattered ALL OVER NORTHEAST TEXAS!!!! The wing
    'opened-up' @ over Mach 2!!!
    He went the way he would have wanted to go FULL THROTTLE !!!!!!!!

    We went on a Master Naturalist field trip Saturday and traveled on
    by vehicle on a railway roadbed
    that was built in 1880, by mule and shovel..I thought of you all of
    way, especially across the canyons.

    Glad y'all are all feeling better!!

    Smooth roads & balmy breezes!!!!!!