Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, March 30, 2012


I was up at 04:30AM with my bride and we had out coffee, she was then off to the truck company and then the restaurant.

It is another gorgeous day, the Temp right now at 02:00PM is 81 degrees, Sunday it is supposed to get up to 87 degrees for a couple days, almost like summer, I may have to fire up the house air unit on Sunday, I better go down and change the filters before I do that.

Haven’t heard from Adam so far this week, and I don’t know if Nicole is due for a Dad weekend so I may just have Donna & I to celebrate my 64th birthday, Which is okay, I am east to please, Now I am one year from Medicare.

Rigg’s has something to say, so I will give him the laptop for a few minutes.

HI, I have been a very good boy, other than bolting out the door so Andy could chase me all over.

But then he played dirty he got my leash and I thought it was going to take me for a ride like he does Sadie.

Oh no, just hooked it up and dragged me inside.

Anyway todays story isn't  about me for a change Sadie and Ralphie haven’t been good doggies

Mom was watching TV the other night and Sadie jumped up on her lap curled up and went to sleep. Well

I was laying next to the chair...Mom wanted to get up, I sat up next to her and when she moved little Missy

she turned on ME! Grabbed my ear and started growling......Boy Mom really yelled at her. She should have gotten a spanking like I do, but guess she's too little for that. Then that night she fell asleep on Mom and Dad's bed, when Mom went to move her over she tried to bite Mom. She did get a whack on the nose for that one.

Guess she's one of those gals you don't disturb when she's sleeping.  I could tell she was sorry the next day

she kept really close to Mom asking for forgiveness. See how sad she looks...but better her than me.


Now my nephew Ralphie, well he's just a pup so stealing his Dad's shoes and socks is something that you can expect.  But his Dad's mom came up to visit him from New Jersey and he fixed her a real nice dinners, one of her favorites, something called eggplant parmagiana.  She took her plate into the living room to set on  the couch to watch TV while she ate...She sat down and that greased lightning little nephew of mine ran across the room and grabbed the food right off her plate !

Only problem for him was it just came out of the oven and was so hot it burned his mouth and he dropped it right on the carpet.  Boy he was in trouble big time for that one.

His real break was that there was still more food in the oven so she did get dinner.  That's a trick even I the great stealer has never tried...Way to go Ralphie. Can't tell if he's hiding his head or saying his prayers.

Think the prayers might be better Ralphie.  And hope you cuddled up and were extremely nice to your Grandma Michelle so she would forgive you. Remember sad eyes go a long way with grandma's


Well see you all later.  Of course I'll be sooo good you may not hear from me for a while..

I notice Rigg’s didn’t mention the two nights this week that HE stole Nicoles Food right off her plate. But he is at least trying to be good from the looks of it. Right now he is sleeping and dreaming next to my feet as I type the blog.

Glad to see that Cave Dwellers and Rick & Paulette have all made it home safely from their winter locations and travels. Jim & Dee from Tumbleweed have left their winter park and are heading north to Scott Air Force Base just across the river from us in Belleville Il. Dee has a sister who live is Troy MO. about 15 miles north on 61 highway from us here in Dardenne prairie. So I am sure we will see them either before or after our Florida trip.

I ‘ll tell you, it is hard keeping track of who is where or where they are heading with all the blogger we know and contact. I just want to remind you out there that if you are going to be traveling across the country on I-70 or I-44, or I-55, I-64 we are just off I-70 at the I-64-40-61 exit #220. We always have room for an Rv or MH and always look forward to meeting up with our blogger friends, We usually get 3 or 4 visits a year from bloggers, last year we had 3, so just send us an e-mail if you are going to be in the area.

That’s about it for today, hope everyone is having a fine week and looking forward to a great weekend. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Our girls are so short they really can't get to the food before we catch them. Also, that old age thing is slowing them down a little bit. Doesn't stop the begging though.

  2. Hope you and Donna can hit the road real soon and have a much needed time together alone.

  3. Yep, I agree with Donna! Hope your departure is set and you guys are ready for a launch!!

  4. a big birthday on the weekend for you, Sam!!..well we sure hope it's a good one!!!..one more year till medicare!!
    sounds like the pooches are doing a bit of misbehavin'!..hopefully the weekend will be better!..
    have sweet dreams there Riggs!..maybe there will be some pizza?..this weekend?

  5. Sure nice to get Rigg's take on things. Now we know that he's not nearly as bad as he's made out to be sometimes. Good for you Riggs.

    Hey, Sam, we really need some of that sunshine here...it's been pouring down rain all day today.

  6. If its any consolation, I'm even older than you are, but not by much, LOL. This next birthday will get me the medicare card........... And that isn't until the fall, but it will be here before I know it...

  7. Thanks for the invite - it would be good to see you all. Not sure our travels are going to take us that direction this year but you never know. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Such sassy pooches, you would think they never get fed, eh? LOL

    Steveio said he would tip a bottle in your honor today. I will take a sip too.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard