Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Musings.

Was up early with my bride.Then she was off to the truck company and then the restaurant.

Pretty much stayed on the computer for a couple hours, and then I went out and took both the propane tanks off the fiver and started out to find a place to refill them.The place I always used, a Shell station in Wentzville closed since last summer, so I drove over to the RV Dealer where I bought my trailer to see if they could tell me where. I also wanted them to double check the readings I got on my new generator to make sure I was getting 120 volts to the 30amp plug even though the switch on the generator has to be in the 240 volt position. Verified it and said the 30 amp cord is wired to only allow 120volts to the RV from the twist in socket on the generator. That made me feel better even though I had measured it myself with a digital voltmeter, a second opinion is always good before you damage your RV. He also said they could fill the tanks for me there, and since I purchased my trailer there, anything I buy has a 10% discount. That I didn’t know so I was glad I stopped. Went home and manhandled the full tanks into the fiver so now we will be leaving with two full tanks. I also carry a smaller 30lb tank for the BBQ grill but it is full from last trip.

Another sunny an gorgeous day, it’s 83 degrees at 02:00PM, I think that’s a record for today, there saying now the warm spell should last another week, so I am going to go ahead and put water in the fresh water tank and pressure check all the lines and be set for the trip, Don’t really expect anymore hard freezes and a cold night won’t hut a tank that isn’t full.

I’ll also start the fridge and make sure there are no surprises there.


This is the switch on my generator if it is 120volt position and the 30 amp RV cord is plugged in to the 120/240 4 pin twist lock socket, there is no reading across the  30am plug. If you put the switch to the 240volt position the voltmeter on the generator reads 240, but you will read 120volts across the 30amp RV plug. Evidently the RV plug adapter is wired with just 2 wires and a ground and will only put 120volts to the RV Plug. To get 240 volts you would need three wires and a ground.This socket had a 30amp breaker, The two 120volt outlets on the right have 15 amp breakers , so if you want Air conditioning you have to use the bigger socket and the RV adapter. Everyone confused now.That’s about it for today. Waiting to see if Nick wants to go to the park when she gets home today. The furbags have spent most of the day outside, they are now taking a nap waiting for Nick.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Believe it or not, we are still on our first tank of Propane since we left...I think that is due to our electric fireplace/heater, which we use ..We only ran our furnace once and then only for 10 minutes...that and cooking are about it.

  2. Hey Sam do you use a surge protector on your rig? And is your generator pretty quite?

  3. I hope you're going to say yea about the surge protector. I wouldn't travel without one.

  4. we've been on the road since Dec 27th and haven't topped the propane tank as of yet...shes still showing over 1/2 full and we've had to run the furnace etc in the past...a second opinion is worth gold in my books...

  5. I agree with the surge protector. Absolutely essential. Getting close to April for you.

  6. Amen on the surge protector, I have one on the cord that is plugged into the pedestal on the back of the rig right now. We had a lightening strike up in Colorado that blew out a lot of stuff in the park including some of our neighbors electronics in their rigs. Our rig and all of the electronics inside were protected, as the protector dropped us off the line when the surge came... Rod

  7. Haha, there ya go Sam, something else for you to spend your hard earned money on,,,,There just is no end right? Sounds like you are about ready to roll.... Look forward to riding along with you.....
    YOU,,,be safe out there!!

  8. Our surge protector is hard wired. Gives a sense of security for sure.

    Down here in TX using very little propane now. Temps are perfect. And to boost, at this NOMADS project the ladies of the church provide our main meal 5 days a week. Saving on food AND propane budget. And no cooking and cleaning up to boot.

    Missing you two.

  9. The wife and I discussed getting a genny for the home since the RV is stored and can't stay at our house. The genny I looked at operates the same way yours does, which confused the heck out of me!

    Good to see I'm not alone! :)~

    Have a fun trip!