Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts.

Up at 04:30AM with my bride and had coffee with her, I think I will go back to one or two cups a day. It was another sunny warm day with temps in the upper 70’s, maybe it will hit 80 today, About 01:00PM I went down and went to start John Deere, I added fresh gas but his battery had run down in the couple months since he had been started, so I had to put the good charger on it.

Once I got John started we went out and cut the front and side acre and by that time it was 0415PM and I knew Donna would be getting home from work so I headed for the barn, she pulled in just as I was walking in the garage.

The whole place including me smelled of wild onion grass, even Rigg’s gave my jeans a quick sniff.

Tomorrow I finish in the back and then it will be on a weekly  regimen until it gets in the 90”s and the grass doesn’t grow as fast then I can go to every two weeks. I have a feeling with as much rain as we have been getting it will grow fast now after the first cut. It was starting to get wild looking as it was all different heights. at least now it has a fresh cut look.

I made a deal with John that before I cut again he would be getting two new plugs, an air cleaner , oil & fuel filters and fresh oil so he feels like a young buck again.

Rigg’s can’t seem to stay out of trouble, while no one was looking he stole a hamburger complete with bun from Nicole's supper plate. Mom scolded him and put him out for stealing. Guess he thought he wasn’t going to get caught.

That’s about all the excitement from around the Weeb Ranch.Hope everyone is having a great week. be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Sure could have used you help with the 11 acres I mowed here in Austin, some of which had not been mowed for three years.

    Bad Riggs! (Hope it tasted good to be worthwhile)

  2. Poor Riggs, nobody understands how hungry he is all the time...he just has to look out for himself, then. Sounds like a lot of fun, Sam, mowing all that grass. Good thing you've got John there to help! Good for you going back with some coffee. I can't get away from it very long, myself. Like to get up early, drink coffee and read. When it's warm enough out, I like to sit out on the back deck with Rusty and drink coffee while we see if there are any squirrels in the yard! He hates 'em! He'll bark at them, and I'll go out and point at them up in the trees and tell him we got 'em. That makes him happy. Sure with it would warm up enough for us to do that again. I really miss sitting out there with him. Poppy chewed her foot so bad I had to take her in to see the vet yesterday. Now she's got a wrap on it, so she can't chew it. Got to give her pills twice a day for awhile, too. She doesn't like them. Well, you take care, and we'll catch you again tomorrow. It's garbage day coming up again!

  3. I'm with Riggs! He was just hungry after all.

  4. They never think they are going to get caught:))

  5. poor Riggs!..it was only a hamburger..and it must have smelt delicious and worth getting in trouble for!

  6. Glad you and John D. are hanging out and having some quality time! LOL

    That sassy Riggens, tell him that Duke can't reach the counter, but Ducky can and said it's well worth the risk if you can gobble down a hamburger! haha

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. Sounds like you have been busy, but must be nice doing the outdoor things again. Hard to resist a good hamburger can't blame Rigg's for his moment of weakness.