Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts.

Missed  reveille this morning, don’t know why but I opened my eyes and it was 05:40AM and Donna had already left for the truck company. I usually roll out at 04:30AM but this morning I looked at the red letters of the clock and it said 04:15AM so I decided to lay a couple more minutes in bed, next thing I know it 05:40AM.

Anyway I got up and looked at some blogs and then Picasa’d my pictures from yesterday.

After Nick was done with her home work, we jumped in the truck and made a beeline to the new Dardenne Prairie Park behind City Hall, this is really a great place, you don’t mind tax dollars being spent for something worthwhile and this is a neat place, It was crawling with kid’s and there was only 2 parking spaces left from the huge City Hall Lot.I did take some pictures of Nick on all the play equipment. She met a friend from school and they played together. We spent over an hour until I had to tell Nick we had to go home and make supper for Grandma..










It was all to much for these three guys they just crashed for a nap under one of the gyms.

Nothing like watching Nick and the other kid’s play and enjoy themselves on a just gorgeous day.

We got home and made some Spaghetti, I had started the sauce earlier in the day and put some Sazisa ( Italian Sausage) in it so we had sausage sauce with it.

It was a beautiful Day sunny all day and the temps got up to about 80 degrees, The same is in  store for us for the next couple of days with record highs in the 80’s.

I opened the fiver out to air all the bedding and get it smelling fresh for the trip.

The last thing Nick said when she was leaving for school was, “ Grandpa if I get my homework done can we go to the park again” I said sure, Then she said she was going to ask a few more girlfriends at school to meet her there and play.Looks like Grandpa has a park trip in his day again.

Well that’s about it for now.Hope everyone’s week is as good as ours, life is good, the kid’s are healthy, the weather is great, and next month we head to Florida. Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. Nice to see some shorts and t-shirts weather for you guys!

    Makes a cold beer taste all the better too!


  2. nice to see the sunshine!..great first few days of Spring Break!!

  3. Another Award Winning day for Grampa of the Year...

  4. butterbean carpenterMarch 13, 2012 at 1:03 PM

    Howdy D&S,
    FOR THAT HONOR!! Please, if you're gonna use a nickname for Nicole, use a girl's; Nick is a boy's name!! My g-dotter is also a Nicole, but she goes by Nikki.. Nic or Nikki would be better for as sweet a girl as you have; or ask her which!! We're waiting to see if we get through Atlanta
    without getting on Peachtree anything. Donna has EARNED this vacation!!! Pat the dogs & kiss the kids!!

  5. So nice to see somewhere that kids have nice place to play and be active. In our area, they are eliminating money for rec and parks and they are falling apart. I guess the parks are an easy place to cut but it is so important for kids to have places to be outside.

  6. GREAT photos of the kids hard at work on the playground ~ GREAT playground!!!
    Have fun

  7. Money spent on playgrounds is money well spent in my opinion.

    There is one over in New Castle DE that we pass by often. WOW! What a park. We've taken little Abby there once. Kids need to get outside and enjoy fun play.