Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Happenings.

Up early and had coffee with my bride,then she was again off to the truck company and then the restaurant. Tried to watch for the new trash truck this morning but it snuck in while I was looking. so I don’t know if he squished in front or not.

Got a call from Adam’s Mom this morning and she asked if I could get Adam at the bus stop today and keep him until Sunday, Sure, was my answer , he’s off school tomorrow, and since Nicole has school me and him will bum. He always likes playing with his cousin Nicole too.

On the way back I was asked if I could pick up supper at McDonalds, so I said yes again,


Amazing what a Happy Meal does to kid’s, look how Happy they look.


Remember I posted this about Colton & Eli.


Well the good news is the Marine Corps has given Eli to Colton’s younger brother, Brady who is 12 years old. and sent him home to live with them. God Bless them all.

That’s about it for today. Hope everyone is having a good week, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..


  1. I hope Adam's mother appreciates how lucky she is to have you so willing and available to take care of her son.

  2. You're a good grandpa, Sam. have fun with Adam. I must have missed the post about Colton and Eli but it sounds like a good story...I will go back and find it. Glad it had a happy (if bittersweet) ending.

  3. nice to see a happy ending to a sad story!!!

  4. sorry that was me, Sam!..hit the wrong button!!

  5. Hope you and the grands have a nice weekend Sam....
    Saturday we have a big garage sale here at North Ranch.......

  6. Sam, you are living proof that grandparents can be a huge influence on their grandkids...and you and Donna are some of the best! Love the dog story..Eli reminds me of Riggs..and Riggs reminds me of our "Hi Tide's Gypsy Queen".