Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Happenings.

Up early with my bride this morning and then she was off to the truck company& then the restaurant.

Yesterday after I finished the blog post, Nick and I went to the park again, boy those kids have some energy climbing all over those gym sets and slides , up and down ladders and steps, I was tired just watching them. Here s a couple more shots.



         Nick inside the Monkey Cage.


This morning was another warm and sunny morning so I told Rigg’s I would take him for a ride in the truck, Rigg’s is always game for a ride and knows exactly what the word truck means. We went to Petco and he got to go in and visit with the girls that work there, and some other dogs, I bought him a new pull toy that floats, soon as he saw it I think he knew where we were going next because as soon as I paid for it he put it in his mouth and started pulling for the door.

From there we headed to the doggie park, It was opened early this year due to the warm weather. As soon as we got there he was in the water and fetching his new toy, and playing tug with his friends. I spent about and hour and a half throwing the toy and finally said heh Rigg’s lets go in Daddy’s truck.


                       Rigg’s with his new toy.


                                   Playing tug.


     Here’s he’s pulling against two other tuggers.

After we got home he drank a big dish of cold water and then laid down next to my chair and was snoring within a few minutes. Looks like his first day back to the park played him out, He is still the biggest and fastest swimmer again this year.

Now when Nick gets home from school I may have a trip to the kid park again today. I don’t mind Nick really enjoys playing outside and meets kid’s she goes to school with an seems to always have a good time.I remember many many years ago , my Grandfather taking us to the park a couple times a week and I know he was as old as I am now, but he was always ready for the next trip.

That’s about it for now, everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna……..


  1. I now see why you are such a wonderful Grampa...you were fortunate enough to have one...I never knew either of mine...

  2. Sure nice to hear the warm weather and sun has found it's way to MO. These longer days sure make it nice for the kids to get some playtime in after school, with a little help from Grandpa. Nice to see Riggs getting a few swims in also.

  3. So much better than seeing kids sitting in front of a video game. And Riggs must have had a super great day. Not only are you a great Grandfather but only a great furbaby Dad.

  4. I was reading the comments and thinking about what mine would be, but I see Sandie beat me to it. It is SO much better for kids to be out playing in a park than to be watching TV or playing video games. You really are a good grandpa!

  5. A great day at the park for the Grands and the doggies! Grandpa too, I'll bet.