Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Happenings.

Up at 02:30AM with leg cramps this morning, I just stayed up with my leg in a dull pain until Donna was up and then went in had a coffee with her while she was getting ready for work.I tried laying down and the leg was sore but not cramping and Rigg’s laid next to me to keep me company, but about 06:45AM the cramp returned so I was up for the day.
With the excitement of the paint can exploding yesterday I thought that would be it for our little town of Dardenne Prairie, but last night about 09:00 we had someone break into a house about a mile away and the homeowner who was home shot and killed him. Here is the link,
Dardenne Prairie homeowner shoots, kills man who broke into house
When are people gonna learn that this was just a country little town and the people out here all have big guns. Donna said.With you being a retired cop and Andy being an avid hunter no one in their right mind would break into our place when someone is home. I know this is wishful thinking, but most of these incidents are pure chance and the perpetrator had no idea who actually lives there.
Anyway I feel sorry for the guy that got shot but he asked for what he got. By the way he was assaulting the homeowners wife when he was shot.
So far today I cleaned and oiled one of my Glock pistols, I know, shutting the barn door after the horse is already out. Donna says the sight of Rigg’s size and his warning bark when a stranger approach's would scare off an intruder, again if it makes her feel safer I think a dog is a good deterrent except for a determined armed intruder.
After 37 years in law enforcement, I am sure of one thing and only one thing. You can get more accomplished with a kind word and a big gun, than with just a kind word.
Heh, I read a pretty lengthy article today on the dangers of drinking alcohol, as most of you might know I enjoy a cold Miller High Life Light at least once a day, sometimes two. Well after a lot of thinking and soul searching, I have made a firm decision that I am going to change my life style, I m going to quit reading…..
Rigg’s is laying by the back door next to my chair, he is dreaming as his feet are moving and his tail is wagging, I hope he catches whatever he is dreaming about. My luck he’s probably watching me fry hamburgers in his dream.
Hope everyone is having a great week, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna………


  1. sounds like the right life style change to me. Angela

  2. my goodness!!..quite the excitment in the Dardenne Prairie!..hope Riggs catches the 'bad guys' in his dreams and then get a burger!!

  3. It does sound like the guy was drunk and forced himself into the wrong house. There are no really safe neighborhoods anymore unfortunately. These things can happen anywhere, even in an RV park.

  4. Sam, did you drink those two Miller's before you wrote this post? What a hoot! I didn't know you had a funny bone like that! I'm still chuckling. :0, :)

  5. I'm with Judy..Other than the unfortunate shooting, that blog was your funniest ever!! Hey, I've seen Riggins and he would scare anyone with his size..I shudder to think what would happen to the dumb sucker who tried to hurt you or Donna or any of your family...Hence, he IS Riggins the Wonder Dog!!

  6. Well that's kind of a scary thing to happen right there in Dardenne Prairie. Crazy.