Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Mumblings.

Up early at 05:45AM even though it’s Saturday to have coffee with my lovely bride. why, because today marks 33 years of being a married couple. Yep our Anniversary.


Happy Anniversary to the Love of my life.


One of Donna’s presents, a Rigg’s Thermometer to match her other hang ons.

Rigg’s gave his Mommy a magnet that says “ I Love my Labrador Retriever” needless to say Donna thoroughly enjoyed her morning.

I am planning on taking her out to a nice dinner tonight. Maybe even Olive Garden if she’s lucky.

How did we meet all those years ago, I wish I could say “There I was sitting on a barstool minding my own business, when in she came”. Truth is it didn’t happen like that. It was plain and simple a matchmaker.

Donna was working at a restaurant on the 11PM –7AM shift after working her 3PM –11PM shift at a different truck company. Yep even then she worked two jobs. One of the girls working there Ann Boehm had a 12 year old daughter on a girls hardball I coached, As a young policeman you were expected to be an officer an a gentleman, and when the call came for a coach I was reluctantly drafted. It turned out to be a wonderful experience in life, nothing like mens baseball.

Anyway one night Ann , “what do you think of Donna. and I told her she was a beautiful girl but I didn’t think she would be interested in me, I didn’t consider myself to be good looking and as a policeman I had a very limited income potential. I just didn’t think she would be interested in me. Ann said why don’t you ask her out. I did, and then at the last minute called her and said I had to work and chickened out. The next day as girls are wont to do Ann said what is wrong, why didn’t you go out with her, she thinks you don’t like her. So I made another date, took her to an Italian pizza place for beer & pizza. Later on I found out she is not as fond of pizza and beer as I am. But we have made it through all the trials most families have and then some. Now if I can just keep her healthy enough to enjoy our remaining years together.

So today is her day and I will do everything I can to make it a great day for her.

Hope all of you in blogland can share in our day. and we will look forward to hearing from you on yours. Al & Kelly are also celebrating their 10th anniversary today, way to go Al & Kelly I hope you guys can catch up to us someday.

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. Congratulations you two. And many, many more.

  2. Happy Anniversary ,,,,Hope you have a great day!!! Interesting story Sam, sounds like a match made in Heaven to me.. God Bless you both,,,,,,,

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both - have a great day, Love the gifts from you and Riggs Sam.Angela

  4. Sam, is that two dress up days in one week? Wow! Happy Anniversary to both of you. Enjoy your dinner out on the town.

  5. May is a great month for anniversaries. Congratulations you guys. The mixed grill at Olive Garden really is good and enough food for two. Have a great day.

  6. Congratulations!! Hope you have many, many more!! Love the magnet!! Will have to see if I can find one with a dachshund! Have fun tonight!

  7. Well happy anniversary over there in Darden Prairie. And Donna obviously saw much more in you than you did your self!! But then that's how a lot of gals are, cause some of us guy do everything to discourage them..... LOL.. You know, like beer and pizza!!

  8. Congratulations on your Anniversary! Wishing you many, many more.

    Paul and Helen

  9. Happy Anniversary you two. I loved your "how we met" story.

  10. Dave and I celebrated 33 years of marriage last Saturday, May 12. Congratulations, Sam and Donna!

  11. Congratulations, you two...A nice romantic dinner for two is just the ticket...Have fun!

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  13. Sorry for the deleted comment. I had a typing oopsie which didn't look too good in print. Just as well I checked, something I rarely do! *haha*

    Congratulations on your 33 years of marriage.

    I guess you're not going to repeat the beer and pizza dinner to celebrate.

    Have fun.


  14. Too funny. I like hearing the stories of how people meet. Where's the wedding picture??!!