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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday Musings.

Was up early and had coffee with my pretty bride, then she was off to the truck company and also the restaurant for the first time in a week, she promised if she tired out she would leave early.

I have been reading with interest on several of my favorite blogs what people seem to think make up the ideal blog or what detracts from them, how long or short they should be, etc. etc. I know I probably break all rules for blogging but I blog for mostly my own pleasure, and it is a family, RV, doggie and whatever else blog since we are not full time yet so we don’t have as much travel content. If you look I have a long list of blogs I follow maybe I don’t get to read them each on a daily basis , but I enjoy all of them and I must say they each have a little bit of their own style and taste. So I don’t think we are ever going to  the find the one size fits all blog style, Unless the people in China that make baseball hats, discover a way to do it.

Anyway, as some of you know I lost the jalousie section of the passenger side bedroom window on our trip to Florida, when we got to Florida it was gone, never heard or saw anything. Paul was gracious enough to help fabricate a wood patch, and Donna caulked it and put a coat of white primer and then white top coat of paint, and it doesn’t look bad. Plus it has had a ton of rain fall on it and is leak free. I found a place that stocks parts for HEHR windows, The catch was the tag that has the all important part number for my window is located on the inside of the window frame, so I had to remove the entire window frame and all from the fiver and then reinstall it. While I had it out I photographed the tag to attach to the e-mail going to the Parts company. Also it is still leak free after putting it back in. Anyway here is the break down of costs.

$115.00 Louver- glass & frame

$115.00 Torque tube assemble kit- tube, arms, operator

$4.98 Pair of hinges- total $234.98.

I am ordering the parts and will repair it here at home. I am sure the cost of replacing the window at an RV Dealer would be well into the $500 range as the one I called said they weren’t repairable and the would have to replace the entire window with the fiver being tied up 3 to 5 weeks. But they really didn’t sound like they were interested in trying to get a window for a brand of trailer they don’t sell or stock any parts for.

We are having a nice sunny but mild day with temps in the mid 70’s a house open no A/C day, we usually run the attic fan from late afternoon to before we go to bed and the house stays in the 70’s. I hope tomorrow the ground will be dry enough to resume some cutting.

That’s about it for today, hope everyone is having a great week. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. As far as those phony blog rules go, you are a definite rebel, Sam! :)

  2. Did somebody say something about your blog? I have been in awe of your ability to put out something nearly every day, especially when you were on the road home from Florida. You and Kevin are two dedicated people. I'm glad to see that the parts are available to fix your window. I'm not much on having a dealer do the work and tying up my rig for weeks. I've read too many stories of the rig being tied up for MANY weeks or months while a job is done. And, you will save money to boot!

  3. I love your blog, Sam, keep up the good work.

    As one of the offenders, I guess all I can say in my own defense is I didn't put forward any 'rules'. Just a few ideas and suggestions that I happen to use to control my own blog!! No rules - just suggestions!!

  4. Just write your blog the way you want Sam!!..kudos to you for writing every day!!..I wish I could think of things to write about everyday!!..but that will not be happening!!..have a great day!!

  5. Thank goodness not everybody writes the same way. Talk about boring. I love the variety in the blogs I read. That makes them personal and I feel like I'm getting to know the people behind the blog. Keep it up.

  6. Your manufacturer might have the window in stock and if they don't use it much any more they will price them more reasonable than ordering parts.

    Again, they purchased tons of them and got the price break.....

  7. As others have said. Write the blog the way you want to and just like Jim and Sandie said, it's a good thing we don't all write the same.

    Good luck with the window. I am sure you can install it yourself and save some bucks, plus if a company charges way more than you think it is usually because they don't want the job and if you pay it then they will eventually fix it. But we know you and that you can fix that on your own.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. I really love reading blogs when they are just as often about "ordinary" everyday living stuff, as when they are about some cool place that someone is visiting. It's like having conversation with your neighbor. Blogs are an important part of a full timer's world and a part timer's, too! It's our "network" of friends! Good for you for doing your window job yourself!

  9. Get out your "McGyver" cap, Sam..and get after that window..YOU CAN DO IT!

  10. Sam did you read this train blog?


    I think Steve is in Boulder City outside of Las Vegas..