Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Happenings.

Adam’s Mom dropped him off at the campground at 07:00PM last night, he immediately found a friend to ride bikes with and played at the playground until 09:30PM when I called him in for the night. I couldn’t get the TV’s to find an HD signal and they both acted like the antenna on the roof was unplugged or not working. We were in good shape as I had my train movies, and we have a stock of Adam’s movies so we both could watch something until we were asleep.

This morning Adam said he was big enough at ten to climb the ladder to the roof and he only weighs about 70 lbs, so I watched him go up and he checked the connections on the top and bottom of the Jack Antenna, he said the one that goes in the roof was loose and tightened it.

When he got back down we tried it and both the sets scanned and found the local St Louis stations. Now he can tell his Mom he helped fix Grandpa’s trailer.

This afternoon we plan on going down to the clubhouse and swimming in the Lake, the Pool doesn’t open until Saturday, The weather so far has been great supposed to reach 90 today and there is a little bit of a breeze.


                          Adam sleeping in.


                   In the Lake at last.

That’s about it for today, hope all is well in blogland while were enjoying our week at the lake. Be safe out there Sam & Donna……


  1. Hey Sam what exactly is a train movie? Angela

  2. Oh, Sam..Isn't it sooo great when the grandkids can help us out?? It makes them and us very proud...Adam is a great kid, and he got that way with a great family (especially gramps and grama)..

  3. Yep, you'd better fill us in on those train movies...

  4. Adam looks mighty cozy!..enjoy the weekend at the lake!

  5. Have fun you guys,,,we are on the road headed to the Black Hills,,,,,they tell us there is SNOW up there......sure nice here in Vernal UT,,,except for the darn wind.........c ya