Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday Notes.

Was up ay 06:00AM and had coffee, then Rigg’s and I took a walk around the campground, it looked like we were the only ones awake,

I then went and found a wi-fi hotspot to post my Friday blog and get my mail for the day.

When I got back, I took some pictures of the campground crowd.


LakeherwoodCampground05-26-12f LakeherwoodCampground05-26-12b LakeherwoodCampground05-26-12c LakeherwoodCampground05-26-12d LakeherwoodCampground05-26-12e

Had a question from a couple of my commenter's on what exactly is a “train movie”.

Since I am a Ferroequinologist or lover of trains, I have accumulated a collection of DVDs of trains either taken by myself in my travels all over the country, or by others that I have swapped with. also there are several companies that make movies of trains new and historic that they sell commercially. Most are one to two hours in length. They are great for putting you to sleep.

Waiting now for Adam to get out here and to see if Nicole will be out. I can see a day at the beach in out future.

Adam and his friends Brenden,&Dylan arrived and we went to the beach for the afternoon, it was pretty crowded compared to the last two days.



Temp got up to 97 but the water was just right, then it was back to the campground for supper.

That’s about it for today, We are enjoying our camping weekend, especially Rigg’s who is meeting all kinds of new friends. and smells.

Be safe out there, Sam & Donna…..


  1. Glad you're having such a great week-end. A few too many people for my taste but as long as Riggs and the kids are having fun, that would be okay.

  2. Nice looking camping area. Sure the perfect Memorial Day weather for the lake. Have a Great Sunday!

  3. I was talking to a friend back in NJ yesterday. Her hubby has two hobbies, gardening and trains. So, in combining the two, he has been busy laying track, etc through his garden. I understand that is a quite popular thing now.

    High 90's here today in Nebraska but very windy. Since low humidity it feels hot but far from oppressive.

  4. We are in Indiana...and glad our kids have A/c...We don't back home..

  5. You are a Grandpa from Heaven....Speaking of Heaven, we got back to our little piece of Heaven yesterday....

  6. Hi Uncle Sam,

    I have tons of DVDs. My first attempt at saving space was parting with the cases (and the cover art therein contained). I know keep the DVDs in a giant CD Wallet. It holds over 200.

    Well, it is now full. Sooo, what I have most recently been doing is importing the movies into my iTunes. I am on a Mac so I use WonderShare software and it converts them to .mp4s (a quicktime format). But I am sure there is a good video converter for .avi's or wma's.

    The advantage of ripping them to an iTunes/Quicktime format is I can sync them to a high capacity Classic iPod. I have an AV cable that allows me to plug the iPod in to the red/yellow/white input on my TVs so I can watch my movies that. They can be ripped in HD so that's not a problem.

    The nice part is that I can toss the iPod in my purse and take my movies with me when i travel. I haven't gotten everything imported yet but at some point I'll get there.

    Happy Memorial Day! I love you!