Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Happenings.

As per our usual routine I was up at 04:40AM and had coffee with my pretty bride. Then Rigg’s and I napped on my bed for awhile longer after Mom went to work at the truck company.

As for happenings I was waiting for the UPS man all day as today was the day my instrument cluster was being delivered from the Speedo shop in Va, where it was rebuilt.


Before, I used the GPS as a speedometer while mine was out.


             After, It is working like a champ.

It arrived about 02:30PM and I put it back in the truck and took the truck for a test ride, It read the speed just fine and all the other lights and functions worked properly.

Now next on the agenda will be getting the parts and repairing the bedroom window in the fiver and then maybe the money flow will stop for awhile.

It is another sunny and mild day in the mid 70’s, I went out to where I got the tractor stuck and it is still not dry enough to cut, no standing water but a lot of mud yet so I will let it dry another day or two.

Can’t believe we have only been home a week and I am really itching to get the trailer moving again. The kid’s on;y have two more weeks of school left and by then I should have the window fixed and we can head to the Lake for a couple of days.

Nick just got home and got her licks and kisses from Rigg’s ,he really misses her when she is at school.

That’s about it for today I haven’t heard yet of Adam will be over for the weekend yet. So tomorrow will tell.

Everyone be safe out there. Sam & Donna……


  1. Always nice when something works after you finally get it back again. And I'm not talking about Donna.

  2. Glad Donna is feeling better...I sure hope Dennis and I can get a couple weeks in this summer, but it may not happen..

  3. Nice job Sam,,,, saved a few bucks there,,,now on to save a few more on the window repair...
    a buck saved is a buck earned...for sure!
    I'm gettin a little anxious to get out in the motorhome myself....