Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, May 11, 2012


Was up and at em at 04:30AM and had coffee with my bride, then at 05:30AM she was off to the truck company and then the restaurant.

Rigg’s and I took another nap  together, but by 07:00AM he was ready to go outside and then have some food in his dish.

Later in the morning I made a run to Walmart to pick up another 25 foot section of sewer hose for the fiver. I found a pin hole leak in our old one and I changed it at the last campground but it was only a 10 foot section. That was long enough for that campground but most places like the lake you need more than 10 feet.

I then went to the RV dealer and picked up a latch to hold my one cargo door that broke, and a replacement plastic plug for my Atwater water heater which has a drip no matter how tight it is. They both come on a card with two pieces so I will have a spare of both.

I saw a gem of a helicopter that I didn’t know about just about in my own backyard, at the VFW in Wentzville on Hwy Z they have a Huey Cobra,so I stopped and got a couple of pictures of it.


                             AH-1 Huey Cobra


                        Nose Mini  Gatling guns.


            2 3/4 in unguided rocket launcher.

As an old rotorhead I never tire of finding these old war horses, this one is pretty much armed like a Viet Nam era ship except for the exhaust deflector, which was a later addition after the war. I can only wonder the stories this baby could tell. Do I miss my old Navy flying days, Sure, but I had a lot of good days compared to bad in 30plus years of law Enforcement. So far it’s been a wonderful Life.

Donna and I have been thinking of joining the Escapees and going to their Rally in Sedalia MO this fall. If anyone has any comments on this let us know, Last Rally we went to was the State Good Sam Rally for MO. It was not a pleasant experience except for Rigg’s getting first prize in the dog contest, even then some woman told us he shouldn’t have won because he was to big for an RV. The thing we noticed was that nobody seemed to welcome the newcomers and they stuck to their own groups and cliques, I hope that isn’t the same for the Escapees, I for one enjoy a nice relaxing Happy Hour and sitting around a campfire. Even at the Lake without a rally you can always find a partner to sit with a spell and maybe have a cold one. Anyway were open for suggestions and comments.

Haven’t heard from Adam this weekend and Nicole is going to her Dad’s so it will be a quiet weekend at the Weeb Ranch. But Sunday is Mothers Day so I will attempt to get Donna out for a nice dinner, maybe even the Olive Garden.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. I'm not much for rallies, myself, but I have been to a couple of Escapades. I think you'll find that Escapees are a friendly bunch. There are lots of things to do at an Escapade, and lots of socializing also takes place. I think the best way to meet people is to volunteer to help with something.

    I am a lifetime member of Escapees, and would appreciate it if you would mention my name on the membership application. Judy Bell #88846

    They also have some nice camping parks that are for members only at reasonable rates.

  2. You could say that I AM an escapee...from the looney bin :-)
    You and Donna need to go to the Pima Air Museum in Tucson, AZ sometime..We spent all day there and a fabulous bunch of military aircraft like I have never seen before!! Put that on your list!

  3. Hey - you two. You know we will be there. Would love to see ya again.

    The benefits of being an Escapees member are sure worth the dues. We've stayed at several of their parks and you can't beat the cost. In addition lots of other campgrounds give discounts to Escapees Members from 10 to 50%. We are staying at one in South Dakota in June and it will cost $148 for the week instead of $396. Gotta love it.

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  5. we have heard good things about the Escapees!..hope you decide to go to the rally and then you can let us all know what your honest opinion is!

  6. Sam, our experiences with the Escapee's parks have been quite positive. We have stayed in West Texas, and Demming, NM. Also at two different parks in Arizona over the years... They are 4PM happy hour folks, but mostly for coffee and cakes or cookies.... They almost seem overbearing with their camaraderie and want to be your friend.... But of course there is always that older lady in every group that has some strong opinions and is not shy about expressing them. Just have to ignore those folks.

  7. Can't say much about Escapees or Rallies never having been to either.

  8. We aren't much for rallies or organized events either. But I think we will join up for the good campground savings, and also stop in and donate some time in Livingston, TX at the care facility when we get down that way. They can always use some help!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

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  10. Angela and I will be there in Sept. come on over and be newbe's with us.

  11. I belong to Escapees and use their mail service. I stayed for 3 weeks in November at the park in Livingston and was included in all of the events and had Thanksgiving dinner there, everyone was real friendly. I have never been to any Rallies.