Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Since today was a travel day not much happened other than the trip MapQuest said would take 3 hours took 5.

So I’m giving Mom and Dad a break and taking a page from my diary.

Vacation is fun. Ok so there have been a couple of instances. I found out trying to catch a fly in the truck isn’t such a good idea, they are a lot quicker than I thought. All the jumping around and snapping of jaws didn’t set too well with Dad while he was driving.  But how did he think I liked it when Mom yelled the traffic has stopped and he hit the brakes so hard my butt went up and my nose went down right on the console. That didn’t feel so good.


Would you believe it Mom made me brush my teeth before I could greet the girls. Even though I tried to tell her I didn’t think it would be my breath they would smell first.

As usual, the Tempesta girls all greeted me with a Hi but remember we are the bosses here.  Of course I am bigger than they are, but you all know I am a gentleman and treat girls right, so I let them be the boss, besides they have a huge



ME AND COCO.  She’s a chocolate lab and a girl so she’s smaller than me


Here we all are, Sandy (looking down), Jodie next to her and me and Coco.

After our swim Paul, the girls Dad rinses you off with a hose and then he dries you with this air thing and rubs you with a towel…aahhhh feels good.  Then we went inside and had ICE CREAM!        


Then we all crashed.


That’s about it for today. A new girl Tilly is also coming, wonder if she swims?

We are now at the Chipmunk RV camp, really pretty here and the owner Laurie loves dogs and said I could swim in her pond.  How great is that.

I’m tired so I’ll sign off now.Rigg's05-22-13a

Good night, and as my Dad would say, be safe out there


  1. you be safe out there too, Riggs! you are sure going to get the girls with your 'pearly whites'!!

  2. Great blog, Riggins. It's nice when we humans help with the picture taking.

  3. Ah, Labs and water or retrievers and water. What a wonderful mix. I love watching them in the water, they just love it so much.