Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, June 14, 2013


This is our last stop before heading home.  It is as a small town near the Arkansas border.

We made reservations at Chipmunk Crossing RV Park, a very wise choice, more on that later.

The "Courthouse Square" Historic District in Downtown West Plains was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in July 2003. This designation recognizes the importance of the Courthouse Square and Washington Avenue in the history of West Plains. The streets on Court Square enter the square in the middle of each side and not in the corners as they do in most public squares. A large majority of the buildings were built in the 40 years following the arrival of the railroad in 1885 and they reflect the town's commercial and governmental importance in the early Ozarks.


The Court House


Town Squarewestplainsmo06-13-13b


We had lunch here at the Red Apple Grill


Real Trip back in time. Forgot to take a shot of menu, but a hamburger was $2.50 And a real old fashion milk shake $2.25 served in an old time fluted glass.diner06-13-13c diner06-13-13b diner06-13-13a

Al B, this ones for you. Notice in lower right hand corner, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. Sam says you are a real fan.

The rest of West Plains town is like any other small town with all the present day stores, Walgreens, McD’s, Walmart etc.  But has a large rural area surrounding it.

Now the campground. It is run by Peter and Lory Muellner, he is German and she is Austrian and you will not meet two nicer or more accommodating camp owners anywhere.




Peter and Sam

This is probably the cleanest campground we have ever been in, everything is immaculate. Both of them are very matter of fact and lovable characters. When we arrived Lory came over to truck to greet us, well Riggins had to put on this big dog bark and act like he is going to eat someone alive, Lory reaches in window and gives him a tap on the nose and tells him ‘Pretty boy be quiet”.           

If you wanted or needed anything, they were right there. There are rules but they are so flexible about everything. They have a dog walk that is quite long and winds through the woods and as long as your dog goes in the woods and not the path no clean up needed. They have a fishing pond that they said we could let Riggs swim in if we wanted and there was an outside hose we could use to wash him.

There is an electronic eye at front that rings alarm in their house so no one comes in that is not suppose to. They have no permanent residents and according to them will not. Well I highly recommend you stay here if you are in the area. Here are pics of the park.rvpark06-13-13a  

firepit06-13-13b garden06-13-13a IMG_0047 ourspot06-13-13a

Little fences hide neighbors hooks from your view



Dog path

pond06-13-13a catfish pond

IMG_0040 claim they haveIMG_0042  IMG_0044

largest book collection of any campground and I believe it, this is only a portion of what they have.


Pool very clean and they keep extra water toys for kids.

Well everyone be safe out there.


  1. Nice to see you posting a few times during your trip, Donna. Now it really is Sam & Donna. :)

  2. Oh - did they have real potato french fries to go with that burger and shake? I want to go there. Love it when we find a campground that just really feels like home.

  3. That is a beautiful campground. How come I never found anything like that!

  4. Sounds like a great campground. We will have to keep that in mind if we are ever in the area, even though we boondock most of the time but sometimes it is nice to stay at an actual campground.


  5. We've been thru that town but never stayed at the campground... We were always booking it for Red Bay, Alabama to get something fixed on the motorhome....

  6. Yep, I sure are a Sons Of The Pioneers fan alright. Just love those great harmonies. Every year heading for the South-West in the Fall I put on my Sons of the Pioneers music while crossing Texas. Put's me right into Cowboy mode for the winter. I also dust off & put on my cowboy hat at the same time for another great season in the great American South-West.