Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, June 8, 2013


Not much happening today.

Sam stayed home and caught up on some computer work, he now has to share computer with me, while Tammy and I went shopping.

Only good deal to be found was at Michaels. We use a lot of those notepads with the magnet on the back…on sale 50 cents so I stocked up on those.

Tammy took me along Beach Road, the sand on the beach here is so pretty. She told me the water is very shallow in this area, that you can go very far out and only comes to your knees.

We had ate lunch at Shaggy’s which is right on the beach. Very large restaurant with seating both inside and out. Here are a few pics of the view (then my camera batteries went dead).

Gulfport Marina06-08-13a Gulfport Marina06-08-13e Gulfport Marina06-08-13c

One more thing, Tammy did not like the photo of the Welcome to Gulfport sign, she says there are much nicer ones. I had promised to add a new photo but as I said camera died.

Well that’s about it. We are leaving in the morning and heading to Memphis

Be safe out there


  1. Looks like you have better weather there then we do up here in SD.

  2. Will you spend some time visiting Memphis?

  3. Sharing a computer would be difficult around here:)

  4. Make sure you check out the ducks at the Peabody Hotel. They do a duck march in the morning and afternoon/evening but not sure what the times are. I am sure you can find them online.


  5. We LOVED Memphis..Do go down to Beal Street and feed the goats some beer...We toured Graceland, and loved it...It's a personal preference..Also grab up some good Memphis style BBQ ribs!!!

  6. I agree, Beale Street is the place to walk around in Memphis. I didn't care for Graceland, but a lot of people do and Sam may like the airplane there, but I think there is an extra charge to tour it.