Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Meanderings.

As you can tell by the title we are settled in home at the Weeb Ranch. Got home Saturday afternoon and just unpacked food items from the fiver. Rigg’s and Sadie were ecstatic to be back together. Both Grand's Adam & Nicky were waiting for us, Good thing Grandma had there gifts handy as they were hoping we brought them back something from down south.
Yesterday my Son and I celebrated fathers day with a steak supper done on the grill outside. Nothing better than a BBq’d steak and a bake potato the size of a football.(almost).
Today Donna and I started with our morning coffee, then around 09:30AM we went to look at a bicycle Donna found on Craig’s list, she wanted a standard one speed girls bike 26inch, with a regular coaster brake. No gears. This bike looked like brand new with shiny paint & chrome, nice white wall tires, Donna offered $35 and the seller took it so we loaded it in the truck to ride home
                          Donna on her new bike.
Have to get her a nice basket for it, I’m sure she will now be pedaling it all over town, Do I see a bicycle in my future. Who knows.
Ever notice how you can’t get certain food items or restaurants only in the south, two of Sam’s favorites are Krystal and Whataburgers.
Sam at Tammy’s home enjoying Krystal burgers.
                    Sam at Whataburgers.
Since my Niece Tammy loves St Louis style pizza made with Provel cheese and it is not available down south in Ms. Donna & I brought her a 5lb block of it, and two bottles of Imo’s Pizza sauce. so she can make some St Louis Pizza.
Basics for a St Louis Pizza, just add thin crust.
After our steak last night ,that is a tough act to follow, bit it looks like spaghetti is on the menu here at the Ranch tonight.
We have been home two days and I ‘m already trying to figure out another trip, maybe a short one with Adam &Nicky so they have a little vacation time with Grandma & Grandpa, that will mean someplace with swimming facilities so Grandpa will be happy too.
Couple of minor repairs to the fiver the TV antenna is stripped and won’t go up so that will have to be fixed. Most of the parts are available so I will have my Son go up on the roof and take a look at it.
That’s about it for today, Hope all is well with all our friends out their in blogland. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna…..


  1. Nice bike for Donna - yep, get her a pretty basket and she's all set. As for Krystal, I think they're a distant cousin to White Castle. I haven't had one since I left Indianapolis in 1996!

  2. I agree very distant cousin, guess I'm prejudiced I think White Castles (belly bombers) are better. and whatsaburgers are kissing cousins of steak n shake

  3. I am a steak n shake fan but really only for their shake. We have whataburgers in AZ. I definitely think another trip should definitely take place in the near future. We had steak and mashed taters at our house yesterday.

  4. Like the bike. Who needs all those fancy pancy gears anyway. Just defeats the purpose of getting out there & getting some good old fashioned exercise. Just like when we was kids.........

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  5. That's what I liked about it,all I have to do now is get those streamers that go on the grips and I can pretend to be 12 again. Added benefit, you sit strait up not bent over, I don't bend so good anymore

  6. I have a bike just like that..Den bought it for me in Texarkana after my old Schwinn died. We take our bikes on our camping trips..Good cardio and you can spin around the campgrounds much faster!

  7. We went to a Krystal ONCE. Now, White Castle, at last one of us enjoys them.