Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sat/Sun Notes.

Saturday was technically our last day at Paul & Helen’s house, Sam got his swim time along with Rigg’s, and Donna and Helen talked. We had a wonderful Chicken supper.

Sunday we were up early and around 07:30AM we started getting ready to depart for Pensacola,We said our goodbyes around 09:00AM and headed out Fla Rt 44 to Fla Rt 19 and then headed north to pick up I –10 it’s about a little under 6 hour drive from Inverness to Pensacola.Rigg's06-02-3a

Oh Boy Mom do I got a cheeseburger like the last time, I was good honest.


Blue Angel Skyhawk on a pole at the Pensacola rest area.


             View of the Bay from the I-10 bridge.


                                   Where were staying.

The park we are staying in is clean well kept and close to the attractions we want to see but it’s website makes it look a whole lot better than what it is, NO POOL, they do have good wi-fi. but that’s about it. We would probably not stay here again, It is okay for an overnight stop.

Tomorrow we are going to the Air Station to see the Naval Air Museum. that was top on my list of must see’s.  From what I have seen so far Pensacola has changed drastically in the 40 years since I was stationed here.

More to come tomorrow. Be safe  out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. Are you eligible to stay in the military Fam-camps?

  2. We didn't get to spend any time in Pensacola and I would have liked to do that. So did the cutie, Riggs, get his cheeseburger? How could you possibly say no to that face.

    1. well you know he did,as u said can't say no to that face, after all can't u see he said please :-)

  3. Uncle Jr. was stationed at the Naval Station in Pensacola in 1941...Have fun re visiting old haunts!!

  4. You are right about Internet ads for campgrounds. Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised, but other times they are disappointing. I think they should show more pictures of actual sites.