Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, June 6, 2013


Today was a laundry, cleaning, relaxing and guard dog duty day. Of course Donna covered the 1st two and Sam had the 3rd firmly in his grasp, while Riggins took care of the fourth..Rigg's06-04-13b

This was a beautiful statue of Saint Joan of Arc that we saw yesterdayNewOrleans06-05-13i

This little guy was at a pet store, only sold pet products, not animals. His face reminded me so much of our Sadie, but noticed he had no hair on his ears, the lady in the store said he was born that way and the owners were going to have him put down as they wouldn’t be able to sell him. So she took him as the stores mascot. 


Ironically Sam is sitting and watching old episodes of Hill Street Blues…..so…..Be safe out there.


  1. It's hard to believe that someone would put an animal down solely because they couldn't sell it. Animal shelters are everywhere, and if you give an animal a fighting chance they might get a good home.

  2. People just make me so angry. Putting down an animal because of money. I want to put them down. I love that picture of Riggs looking out the window.

  3. I cannot believe how totally stupid people can be..

  4. Hill Street Blues?? Do you need a few hours logged in a black and white??? Wouldn't take too long, and your memory would be back up to speed on why you retired.......... LOL

  5. That little fur baby was so cute....
    Have fun