Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Saturday, June 15, 2013


We’re home. You know you have spent a lot of time in your fiver when you go to the bathroom and try to step on the foot pedal to flush it. :-)))

Sam got a new computer for Fathers Day and has spent most of the day getting his programs working. He’s just a boy with a new toy!

The big new today is that it is Sadie’s third birthday, 21 in human years. So she wanted to try some of Grandpa’s beer since she is legal.


Guess it doesn’t take much when you weigh 7 lbs… got a little tipsy smelling it.


Hey, Sadie you’re not walking too straight.


Uh-oh getting a lecture from Mom!

Well anyway Happy Birthday Sadie.

Riggs wants to give a shout out to Poppy. “Hey Poppy thanks for giving my Mom the idea about chicken nuggets. When we stopped for lunch she bought some and her and I shared.  I still love cheeseburgers, but those nuggets were really tasty.”

That’s about it from Weebland.

Hope all the fathers out there have a great day tomorrow.

Be safe out there, be happy.


  1. I do that all the time when we get home. Try and flush by stepping. DUH.

  2. I just checked your picture taken on May 24th and it looks like the vacation has done you a world of good!! Keep up the good work, reload the fiver and hit the road again.


  3. Happy Birthday Sadie!

    Glad you're back home safe and sound. Now it is time to plan for the next trip!


  4. Happy birthday Sadie...and welcome home to the rest of the Weibels.

    Hey Riggs, those nuggets are a LOT better than squirrel, huh?? Love, Poppy

  5. You still call these jaunts a Vacation.... But being retired, what are you vacationing from...? Maybe Donna going to the restaurant........ Gotta get a change of heart, as you are just living away from your sticks home..... Anyway welcome back to the upper midwest and its storms........

  6. Now that you are home, it's time to plan your next trip..That's how I see it.

  7. Cute...puppy WUI (walking under influence)

  8. Your life sounds good Sam. Happy birthday to Sadie from Gingee and a hi to Riggs and Donna. Happy Father's Day Sam!

  9. Happy Birthday Sadie. You are a cutie. You've been home long enough now. Time to go again.