Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Last night our niece Tammy made homemade pizza. She had originally planned on making chicken, but when she saw the block of provel cheese we brought her she immediately went into pizza mode.  Provel is the cheese preferred on pizzas in St Louis and since moving to the south she hasn’t  been able to get this type. Who knew a block of cheese could have a gal jumping and squealing.



Tammy making dough and Sam with finished product.

Finally got a good picture of her new pup Eliza. She is blind and was abandoned. How cruel can someone be. Tammy is treating her for infections, but the pup is coming around slowly to her new forever home.

ElizaEliza Marie 06-04-13c Eliza06-05=13b

When we got back to the RV last night we had a peeping tomFrog06-04-13a

Today Donna and Tammy went for a girls day out to New Orleans. Donna'slunch06-05-13a This is a muffaletta that Donna got. Ham, capicola, salami, mortadella, swiss and an olive salad on a toasted bun. Supposedly a New Orleans favorite.  It was good but had to take off most of olives as very salty. Later in day we stopped for beignets and coffee, of course you have to when you are in  N.O. We went to the Cafe du Monde, supposedly a very famous beignet place as that is all they serve.  What a disappointment.  Server was very rude, very impatient. Before we were a foot from table she demanded ‘What you want” when we told her we didn’t know since we had never been there before, she stood right next to us arms folded across her chest. After bringing our coffee and beignets , she said it would be $13.82, would have been nice if we could have had at least one bite first, anyway I handed her my card and she very abruptly said cash only. Started to put card back and get cash and she very loudly told me ATM across street, Told her twice I had cash…all in all a terrible experience.  Beignets remind of the homemade donuts we had when I was a kid, fried biscuit dough drenched in powdered sugar.IMG_7877

All in all an interesting place. You can still see where sections are in disrepair.IMG_7888 sign look liked it was a piece of a car bumper.IMG_7889 IMG_7890 and then a block away new signsIMG_7891 IMG_7885 The catholic church Cathedral of St Louis. Absolutely beautiful and the plaza around it was gorgeous.IMG_7883 River boat Natchez ready for a river cruise.IMG_7880 IMG_7879

Horse drawn carriages lined up. As nice as it would have been, at $75.00 a little out of my comfort zone.IMG_7892

Market place, several blocks long

All in all we had a good time. We laughed and explored. We were together. 


Good night. As Sam would say be careful out there, be safe


  1. When you get into N'orleans they don't really appreciate Northerners...but I do love the history there.

  2. $75 for a carriage ride! Sure sounds over-priced. That poor service was unbelievable! Wonder how they stay in business with that poor attitude and rudeness. That pizza is making me hungry. Now that we are in New Jersey and heading to New York maybe we will find a good pizza.

  3. Okay - I would have been demanding a manager after the first rudeness. You sure were a lot nicer than me. But other than that it sounds like you had a wonderful day. We've never been to N.O. But the carriage ride would have been out of our price range.