Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


1) Southern women have big hair but not because they tease itRigg's&Donna06-11-13a

It’s the humidity!

2) Speed limits are a suggestion only. If you do the speed limit make sure you stay in the granny slow lane

3) They love to use their hazard flashers. Rain, construction area or sunny and dry, 40mph to 70mph, doesn’t matter lots of hazards on.

4) They use their turn signals when changing lanes at a higher percentage than any other place I have driven.

5) It’s hot. Riggins has panted off a couple pounds.Rigg's06-11-13a

6) Many pretty roadways with light traffic and beautiful magnolia and lilac trees.

7) Armadillos can’t cross the highway safely.

8) This beautiful porterhouse was only $6.00 at the meat market..great deal.

IMG_0003 9) You can be derogatory about someone as long as you begin or end the sentence with “ well bless her heart”

10) Most of the men will hold the door for a woman.

11)  Even when you tell a clerk you are from out of town, when you leave they will say “ya’ll come back”.

12) Lots of emergency turn around areas between exits (exits can be very far apart), very useful for this senior blonde when she misses the exit. I know it’s suppose to be for emergency vehicles, but I consider my truck an emergency vehicle when I really really have to use the bathroom.

13) When checking out at a store/gas station, no one is in a hurry but you. Conversation can break out between cashier and another employee bringing line to halt, and no one complains. Overheard someone ask clerk what time zone it was, clerk replied ‘I don’t know, all I know is it is Mississippi time’.

14) When asking for directions you will here terms like ‘it’s down the road a bit’.

15) If you can’t find what you want in a store they will tell you what other stores to look and give directions.

16)  They love their Waffle Houses, practically one on every block

17) They (and me too) love their Popeye’s Chicken.

Guess that winds up my list.  All in all we have found Mississippi to be a wonderful state and very pretty.

Ya’ll come back here

Be safe out there


  1. Great summation of what you have learned in Mississippi!! I have often wanted to experience true southern hospitality - just not sure I want to endure the humidity, bugs, and heat to do it LOL!!

  2. Every word of what you wrote is the absolute truth, and then they often call you Hon, as you are ordering a meal or something......... Our Motorhome was made in Red Bay, Alabama which is right on the state line with Mississippi... We've spent a number of days there getting things straightened out......

  3. I think you big hair looks good! I love the southern hospitality, and everyone is just so polite there.


  4. Count me as one who loves the South. I was practically born in it, at least south of the Mason Dixon line!

  5. great list of observations!! as for the hair?...looks just fine to me!!

  6. I always thought all Armadillos were dead and on the road. After 25 years of time down that way, I finally saw a life one in Mississippi last month.

    Good blog today.

  7. Sounds like a fun place to visit. Love your list.

  8. I love the South, too!! The rules are different there..and in some places they are still fighting the Civil War!

  9. Loved everything because its so true, except the heat and humidity which unfortunately is also true.

  10. My hair would look exactly like yours in that humidity. I love Popeye's Chicken - spicy meat and red beans and rice! :-)

  11. Miss Donna, it's not "Ya'll come back here" it's "Ya'll come back, hear?" As in "You all come back. You hear".