Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, June 7, 2013



We planned to visit our niece at work today. She works for the Seabee Museum on the naval base. This is a non-profit organization with no ties to the government.  The museum was originally here in Gulfport, but like many things Katrina destroyed it and the museum itself was moved to California. Her office procures donations for the museum. We arrived at the base,Naval Construction Battalion Center, and went to visitors center to get a pass to go on base.



  We had to fill out forms, provide proof of insurance and registration on the truck, and drivers licenses. I was ready to hold out my arm to see if they needed a blood sample also. Then we waited while they did a background check on both of us. Finally we got our pass and went to the gate. We went to what was left of the museum here, one small room. Then onto Tammy’s office down the street.

Tammy06-07-13a Tammy06-07-13bTammy hard at work. She is their IT person.  We stayed a little while so Sam and her boss could swap service stories.

Then it was off to run errands. Sam needed more test strips for his blood tester. This turned into an ordeal. He just got his new supplement drug card, guy at Walgreens said insurance declined, that we would have to have doctor give a new prescription. Sam asked him to call doctor office and get approval for another brand.  Sam was told ‘we don't call doctors’. Well that was a surprise as our hometown Walgreens does it all the time. When Sam told him that he was told well maybe they did it in Missouri but he wouldn’t. Sam told him to give him back the container and his cards and he would go to the CVS across the street, as Sam was walking away the guy conceded.  This took 40 minutes and then was told to come back in 1/2 and it would be filled. A very big case of customer no service.

We had heard about Whataburgers, so decided to have lunch there. Just a burger, not great not bad, just ordinary. Fries were great.Whataburger06-07-13a Sam06-07-13a

Down the road saw a McDonalds.Macdonalds06-07-13b

Boy is this ever an old style

Tonight we went out to dinner at Salutos Italian restaurant. It’s right on the beach, Gulf of Mexico.Gulfportbeach06-07-13b Gulfportbeach06-07-13a Gulfportbeach06-07-13fview from restaurant. They also have outside patio seating but was a little too windy

The food was terrific and very reasonable. Would highly recommend it if you are in the area.  Sam of course had pizza, after all its Friday. Tammy had fettuccini alfredo with chicken, Donna had sirloin tips is a cream sauce with penne pasta.Tammy&Sam06-07-13bTammy and Donna split desserts, we had put most of our dinner in to go boxes.  We split a bread pudding banana fosters and an amaretto chocolate cherry bomb. Absolutely delicious. so rich.  The restaurant was very nice, food good, and our server was great.Sam,Tammy&Donna06-07-13a

Was a very pleasant evening after a very frustrating day.

To steal from Judy of Travels with Emma                



Be safe out there.


  1. OK Sam, you've gone and done it... I went thru basic training there at the Sea Bee CBC in Gulfport.... Of course what you see there today is nothing like what I had back in 1969...That was two hurricanes ago.... Camile wiped the place off the map about 6 months after I went to Viet Nam, and now Catrina has leveled it again..... Probably ought to go back now again and see how its all been rebuilt.....

    1. Rod ,probably the cleanest and most modern Naval Station I have ever seen,all you see is Sailors in Marine Combat Fatigues, none of the new blue camo uniforms.Even a Macdonalds on base.Was really impressed, Sam...

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time away. When we were in Gulfport, we went to a number of casinos and signed up for their players club and then they generally give you a card with $5 or $10 on it, we then went and played on the penny slot machines and would cash out once "their" money was gone, we normally left with money in our pockets and it didn't cost us a penny. Just in case you are looking for something to do.


  3. Thanks for the tip,always nice to have a good time free.

  4. I just love clicking on your blog and seeing that beautiful face in the header picture! I've never found a really great pharmacy in CA, although Costco is fairly good. Too bad the Walgreens there had to be so rude.

  5. Riggs is a handsome fellow, of course we are not prejudiced, and this is my fav pic of him. he looks like he is ready to say something.

  6. Isn't it frustrating when you run into someone who just doesn't get the customer service part of doing business? The restaurant looks great, I love having a water view at dinner.

  7. We stayed at the Seabee campground a few months ago, even got the decals for the motorhome there. It is nice close to everything:)