Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, June 24, 2013


Well so far semi-retirement is a lot of work.  Have been trying to make progress on all the clutter that has accumulated. Working as much as I did, there never seemed to be enough hours in the day to stay ahead. And boy has the stuff ( crap actually) piled up. I think it was safe to throw away the receipt from the Quick Trip for the gas and candy bar from 2004, don’t you.

Have also been working in the yard cutting down trees and shrubs that are growing where they shouldn’t be. Boy do I have a pile to burn. Can only work for about an hour in the morning because summer in Missouri has hit and the temperatures heat index has been hitting over 100. So its work outside for a while, then inside, then computer breaks.  Afraid I have a case of ADCD, you know adult deficit cleaning disorder, I have so many projects going that I work like crazy and nothing seems to get done because I do a little of this one and a little of that one. Never would have accepted that in my job, but home is different, right?

Have also queried a few fellow retirees and have found that I am not alone in not knowing what day it is. Whew that was a relief thought my brain was going already. Not having a Monday morning job really was throwing me off, but Paul being the good buddy he is has promised me that he will email me what day of the week it is any time I get confused ( that is of course after he asks Helen Smile)

Then too I have developed an addiction and its all Helen’s fault.  Have found online SCRABBLE. While in Florida at the Tempestas  Helen and I played a few games. Have not played in decades. It was a standard in my childhood home, my parents loved words and played every day. So I have been playing a lot….play 30 minutes work 30 minutes. Sounds like a fair trade to me.  I am still having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that not everything has to be done now because there won’t be time later. Now that I am working only 20 hours or so a week lots of time left to work on things around here.

Now to our resident. We have a woodchuck (aka ground hog) living under our patio slab.  Well today as Sam was walking past kitchen door he said “well look at this”. The patio slab has a dip in it and we had a downpour last night leaving a puddle of water in the middle. Well, there’s old Woody getting himself a mighty drink.  He must be eating good as he is huge.  Average size is suppose to be 25 inches nose to tail tip, this guy goes almost 36 inches, and he looks fat and happy.


Getting a drink


Munching on clover


More munching


Uh Oh he thinks somethings up. Head up and sniffing


My ears might be small but I hear something this way comingWoodchuck06-24-13h

So I’m goingWoodchuck06-24-13d

As Judy would say THE END


  1. Think MEXICO! Think Mañana ! Now, mañana LITERALLY means "tomorrow", but in Mexico it means sometime in the future, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps the next day, or perhaps a week or more in the future. Learn to live with the concept of putting some things off to another day and do so WITHOUT GUILT!!!!


  2. We have a woodchuck problem here too..He lives under our woodpile!!!

  3. We know Missouri heat and humidity, we are fulltime so we can leave during the summer.

    1. Yes it can be brutal, that's why I never understood why our son prefers an outside job

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  5. Hey, that Grounder might make a fine house pet for Riggs. Cute little devils those fellows. Ya, know about wondering what day it is alright. And having half a dozen little jobs on the go all at once. Yep, remember those good old days well. Still have a few of them once & awhile too. Kinda like when that happens because it tells me I'm having myself a positive day:))

    1. Riggs could hold his own, but poor little 7 lb Sadie wouldn't stand a chance

  6. He might catch lead poisoning if he suns himself too long in one spot...

  7. Day?? No idea - if I didn't have the phone to tell me I wouldn't have a clue. And let me tell you, retirement is definitely more work than working. How did we ever get anything done. But retirement is the best kind of work - moving the fiver from spot to spot and all that site seeing and sitting in the sun (when it's not miserable out) and all that stuff that is so much work. You will eventually get some of that stuff done and hopefully you'll be off on another adventure before too long.

  8. Better shoot that groundhog. They can do lots of damage digging under and around foundations and things.