Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

To all the mothers out there, We wish you all a very Happy Mother’s  Day, For all of you who are fortunate enough to still have their Mom’s close. Give them a special hug today, that’s all any Mom ever needed on this special day. We both lost our Mom’s within two weeks of each other in Feb of 1990. We were lucky though since one lived in Mo and the other lived in Pa. that they got to visit each other on several occasions, and looked and acted like they could have been sisters. Since that time Donna has been the house resident Mom & Grandma, God Bless her, I knew when I met her she would be a strong parent and her boys show this in their characters. Course it didn’t hurt to have Dad as a police officer to point them in the right direction also. We love you Mom.

                        Donna's Mugshot

Donna, The House Mom, Grandma, and Sam’s Best Friend & Soul mate

Now that I am on the subject of Mom’s, Donna is a very accomplished Baker, to bad I got diagnosed with type two diabetes two years ago, Every Sunday there used to be a never ending variety of baked goods and cakes & pies, etc. coming out of the oven. Boy did that come to a screeching halt, She watches me like a hawk, only on Sunday mornings she will bring home two plain cake donuts for me while the rest of the family gets the good stuff. I guess she wants me to live longer.

Any way now on everyone of her friends or co-workers birthdays she will make a cake, or for special occasions like weddings, and other holidays. Friday she made a birthday cake for her good friend Renee, Renee is such a sweet lady and Donna loves her like a sister she never had. Here is the cake.



Sam of course gets to watch with his tongue hanging out like Rigg’s but Donna is tough, Adam usually gets to clean the beaters and the icing dish with his tongue.


Here’s Rigg’s after he found out he is in the same boat “ NO people food or icing for him either”.

Picture 007

                    This one of her Thanksgiving creations

By the way the last Wedding Cake was four layers high, what a monster.

Since I was supposed to be in Florida today, Donna took a shift at the restaurant so some other MOM could have the day off, I hope she gets finished early enough that we can enjoy some time together this evening maybe even some supper.

Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to Donna! Boy, it would be very tough for me around your house if I had type 2 Diabetes, what with those delicious looking cakes Donna makes! It must be pretty hard to look at all that baking without being able to dig in!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to Donna! Hope your day went well and you had fun.

  3. Aww how sweet for Donna to offer to work so some other mom could be off. and GREAT looking treats..yummmm!

    Karen and Steve
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