Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday at Lake Sherwood

Spent the night at home, still bumming over the air conditioner,at 07:00am I left for the campground, finished getting setup, it was a comfortable 65degrees so I opened all the windows and out the Fantastic fan on to circulate air and then put a fan on in the living  room. surprisingly it isn’t bad. I then took the inside cover off the A/C in the ceiling, got a step ladder out of the truck and a flash light and climbed up to see if I could reach the fan or motor, there was nothing in sight but metal smooth walls so it looks like my model has to have the cover on the roof taken off, since I am to heavy for the roof I am waiting to see if I can snag a skinny young guy to climb up there with a cordless drill and see what that looks like.

duct for AC05-26-10

                         The Infamous A/C hole

While I’m waiting I will show you a few views of the campsite and grounds.

Lake Sherwood site1505-26-10g

                       Entrance to campground.

Lake Sherwood site1505-26-10f

View of campground showing bathroom and shower house and play field on left.

Lake Sherwood site1505-26-10e

View from same spot showing campsite up the road from mine, this is a circle drive with campsites around it. Notice the shelters over the picnic tables.

Lake Sherwood site1505-26-10d

                      Site 15, My home for a week.

Lake Sherwood site1505-26-10c

                            View of trailer on site.

Lake Sherwood site1505-26-10a

View from the table under the awning looking left.

Lake Sherwood site1505-26-10b

                View from Table looking right.

Lake Sherwood site1505-26-10h

New Bathroom & Shower house, door on right is to a Handicapped access room complete with shower.

Lake Sherwood site1505-26-10i

Lake Sherwood site1505-26-10j

                        Handicap Access Room.

Lake Sherwood site1505-26-10kMen’s restroom and shower, 3 shower stalls two stools and 1 urinal. Women's side is similar with the addition of 1 stool taking the place of the urinal.

Everything was very clean and it is really turning into a nice place to spend a vacation. Again this is a private members only campground but they do allow guests of members to camp.

Update, at about noon hour I went to one of the campground neighbors that I knew from my period as Chief of this community, I knew they had a young skinny son, since my 250lbs is to heavy for the roof, I went to see if her son Casey would be interested in going up on the roof, he is 20 years old and home from college, and weighs a 130lbs. He said sure, so we rode back to the trailer and he went up and took the cover off and said yeah it is a little stiff to turn but after a couple of spins he said it broke loose and started to turn really free. I told him to take his hands out and I went in and turned the thermostat on, the fans starting running and compressor fired up and we were back in the air conditioned game. Total time was about 15 minutes. Of course I paid the young man and when he started to balk I said hey if your Mother or Dad asks tell them you refused to take any money, just don’t tell them that Sam said if you didn’t put it in your pocket he was going to shove it down your throat. That way you won’t be lying. He laughed and said OK Sam you were always a great Chief, when we were teenagers nobody wanted you as an enemy. I told him yeah but we had fun and nobody destroyed anything without getting in big trouble. So now I will rest and then get Rigg’s from home for his first campout. Picked up some firewood this morning from another friends house so I wouldn’t have to truck it from home.The area around Lake Sherwood is rural so I have a lot of friends that have huge pile of wood stockpiled for winter.

Since there is no Wi-Fi here I will have to either go to the City Office or find a place to pirate a wi-fi signal to publish this. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna….


  1. I'm glad to hear that you and your young friend solved the AC problem! Your campground looks great. I wish I were camping this weekend!

  2. Glad to hear the A/C fix was just as you said yesterday - except for finding a "skinny guy"! Good of you to pay the young man for his time too. Your campground looks to be a very nice place and clean as a whistle! Enjoy your week there and I hope you find a wifi signal somewhere!

  3. I am so glad you got everything fixed and the air conditioner is running smoothly. Good deal.
    The campground looks very very nice! A nice place to spend some time and just relax. I hope that is just what you will do. :)

    Have fun!
    Mike & Gerri

  4. Wheeee heeeeee the airconditioner works! I just LOVE your reasoning with the young man about accepting payment. Too funny!

    Glad you are all set up for a nice weekend, we are heading out as soon as Steveio is done with a business meeting at 5pm.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Looks like a nice campground, and now we both have AC. Yahoo!!