Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Snips

We always look forward to Sundays in the Weibel  household, it is the only day Donna is completely off, so maybe she will get some relaxation time, Sam was up at 05:30am, since Donna closed the restaurant last night, at midnight, she slept until 06:30am, Guess what the lady of the house has planned for this morning, Yep another baking day, One of the employees in her companies Des Moines Office, had his family involved in a tragic auto crash, he lost two of his three children who were killed, and his wife and remaining child were seriously hurt. Donna has decided that in addition to sending a donation, she is baking a bunch of Cookies and going to have a fund raiser by selling the cookies for  four a dollar at work Monday. She hopes to raise a few more bucks and inspire others to donate to this fellow employee in time of need. When ever you think things are going badly, you always hear of another family who have it a whole lot worse, We are praying for the complete recovery of his wife and child, but again, I would hate to ever lose a child.

Not much going on here in Dardenne Prairie, it is still raining, that makes 5 days straight, I may have a hay field instead of grass by the time this is finished.

We also want to welcome several new followers to our blog, I missed them until I happened to notice the number had increased. Welcome to Kevin & Ruth, ALI, & also CarolK. I have provided links for Kevin & Ruth, and Ali’s blog, but I couldn’t locate one for CarolK. Thank you so much for following our blog and someday soon we should be hitting the road, until then it will be small town life as usual.

Sam may make a trip to Wally world later today, But he wants to know if an LCD or an LED flat screen is best in an RV. He said he will check some out to see what it will cost to put a small one on the wall in the bedroom. That will let him take out the TV shelf and give us more walk around room in the bedroom. Anyone have idea’s on this?

Be safe out there. Sam & Donna


  1. That's terrible news about Donna's fellow worker and it's very good of her to try and so something to help the family. You're right too - whatever problems we might have pales in comparison to this tragedy.

    LED TV's will give you a better picture than normal LCD's as LED's have local dimming capability which provides much better contrast. However, for the actual difference you would notice in an RV, I might be tempted to simply go with the best price I could get for the brand I wanted(ie. Sony, Samsung etc.). I'm sure either choice would be completely satisfactory and you'd be happy with it.

    it might be better to simply go with the best price you can get for the brand you want.

  2. How awful for that family to lose children so tragically. Donna is obviously of angel quality to do so much for others. Sometimes we all need a wake up call to realize how blessed we are...When is it Donna retires....not soon enough???

  3. We hauled the old clunky TV out that was over the windshield entirely & went with a 23" flat screen Toshiba that we remounted on a wall near our entrance door. We were shocked by the great quality from the HD channels last winter just using the rigs antennae. Has worked great for us & would definately recommend the new flat screen TV technology.

  4. Hello Sam and Donna,

    Thanks for welcoming me as a new follower. I welcomed you as a new follower not too long ago. My blog is www.carolksjourney.blogspot.com

    Hope you get rid of your rainy weather soon!

  5. Hi from New Zealand. We are dreaming about coming to live the RV life in USA as we've fallen in love with your country on our previous trips. Meantime we continue to dream and read about other RVers. We've just finished catching up with your Blog. I get out mapquest and follow travels so we can get our geography especially distances right.

    I'm so sorry to hear of the tragedy in the family of Donna's colleague. So sad and such a shock. Donna is a sweet, caring person.

  6. Thanks for the welcome. I too am sorry to hear about the co-worker and his family. What a sweet thing that Donna is doing. I hope she gets lots of donations.

  7. That is very tragic news about Donna's Co-worker. I know you guys must be getting excited about beginning your full time journey... Hope your weekend was great and always travel safe