Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Doings.

It was a night of rain and storms, when we got up a pretty good thunder storm was in progress, and Rigg’s didn’t want any part of going out. After Adam was out of bed about 07:30am another round of lightening and thunder came through, luckily for Rigg’s it didn’t last, he he had finally reached his limit and had to go, so he ducked out did his thing and came running back in. Grandpa had to take Adam to the end of the driveway in the truck and wait for the school bus, After Adam was off it was blog time.

We had a rainy start to yesterday but the sun came out later in the morning, My son Andy said he would make the grocery run and that he had to make a trip to New Melle  MO which is about 12 miles out in the country. Rigg’s wanted a ride so Andy said I’ll take him in the truck.



As you can see Rigg’s is one happy guy when he is in Dad’s truck.

It doesn’t look as promising for sun today so it will be a do nothing outside day.


Here’s the weather map for this morning, it looks like we have awhile to go before the storms clear the eastern half of Mo.

Oh yeah Rigg’s has a comment.

Mom, I have a question.....why didn’t you like any of my toys yesterday morning

I brought you Mr. Squeekie, my duck, my ball, my tug rope and my bone. I put all of them in your lap and all you said is Riggins its way too early, its only 3:30.  I even laid down on your feet to keep you warm, 'cause I know you like that, but you still wouldn’t play catch or tug?  We played a long time the night before, why not in the morning?  And really I am sorry I took my nose and bumped your coffee, boy that stuff was hot !....

Is there a playing time clock somewhere, like when Adam has to go to school ?

Boy, all that noise this morning and the big flashes of light I sure didn’t like that. Thank you for letting me sit on your lap and petting me.  Even though I didn’t like it, when those big booms started I ran to the door and barked to make sure no one bad was going to come through that door and get you, whoever it was was making a lot of noise, but I think I scared them off !

Will you play with me tonight, it wont be early then?



Well that’s about it for now. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.


  1. Glad to know you are safe from the storms..my daughter Wendy in Oklahoma..her house was spared..the electricity substation..well it bit the dust..they are looking at 3-4 weeks at least of no electricity..and they are suppose to be under the gun again this afternoon. I hate this time of year..because of the storms..stay safe!!

    Cindy and Walker

  2. Man, that weather pic you posted looks downright scary. Hope you avoid the storms and especially any possible tornadoes. Molly and Rylie don't like storms either - luckily, we seldom get thunder and lightning on the Island. I thin Riggs and Rylie would get along quite well - neither seems to worry about time!

  3. Glad you are all safe there in the St. Louis area. I was wondering how you all made out with the tornadoes ripping apart the mid-west. Hope it is over for a while.

  4. Enough with the rain already! I'm getting ready to build an ark. We haven't had much thunder or lightning in MN. Emma hates that also after living through a horrible hail storm in the rig in Texas last spring. Ugh!