Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Rigg’s says TGIF

Slept in till 05:45am, put the coffee on and then Rigg’s and I went outside so Rigg’s could use the facilities. He also decided he would explore around the campsite a little, so i set up about 40 feet of boat rope for a short run so he doesn’t get the idea to wander off, after all this is a brand new thing, this camping, and who would blame him.



            C’mon Dad the sun is out it’s time for play.

After the coffee was done it was playtime, I got a brand new plastic Frisbee out that had been given to me by the RV dealer when I bought this 5th wheel and I had put it in a cupboard and forgot it.

Just so you know the nuclear half life span of a plastic Frisbee with a young lab like Rigg’s is about 20 minutes, he had it in four piece’s he played so hard.


                             All this is mine.


Rigg's 05-28-10f

         Needed a break after destroying the Frisbee.

Rigg's 05-28-10g

Dad look I found a great place in the shade to relax.

Then it was time for a walk around the loop, we met a lot of other people, the campground is full, no empty spots, lot’s of kids and other dogs. Rigg’s made friends with everyone. Since I used to spend every holiday weekend on sight here , I knew quite a bit of the regulars, and it just amazes me since I hadn’t been here on holidays since 2007 how fast kids grow in just 3 years. I haven’t any cell service unless I use the phone when I go to the Office to post the blog, so I don’t know when my Grandson Adam will be dropped off, surely his Mom will bring him out with his bicycle today some time. The weather is supposed to be sunny and in the middle 80’s all weekend so he will be able to swim and bike ride with the other kids. Poor Rigg’s they have enacted a rule that dog’s are not allowed at the beach or clubhouse area, so his water activities will be cut out. It’s always that way some bonehead must have done something so now everyone pays for it.

Got to pay forward the help on fixing my A/C, a Man & his Wife backed a new travel trailer in just next door to the trailer on my left side. The spot I am in is an end spot for trailers. Anyway my next door neighbor who is in popup walked over and said would you mind helping our new neighbor they are having trouble putting their shade out. I went over and the awning material was hanging half way down the trailer from the roller and one of the arms was loose, they had taken one of the knobs loose and the nut inside had fallen down into the tube. I got some tools and took the arm apart and retrieved the square nut and with the help of tape to hold it in place got the knob back on and the arm back on the trailer. Then it was a simple matter of carefully lowering both arms at once till the roller was holding the material. I then found out they had never put the awning down before. so i said lets put it back up and I will show you how to lower it without it coming apart. That is what we did and now he said he and his wife will be able to do it next time, This is a brand new trailer and the dealer never showed them how to unroll the awning. When I asked him where he bought it,  he said got it from the same dealer I got my new one at. I told him I guess it just depends on the salesman because we had a great walkthrough even though they knew we had traded in a 5th wheel and had camped many years.

Well I guess I will head up to the office, I haven’t been able to answer comments or follow to many others as I didn’t want to wear out my computer privilege at the office. But I will be back after the holiday.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna. Oh yeah Rigg’s says hi to Jodie & Coco, Rylie, Mollie,and Emma.He says now that he’s a camper he is really getting to be a big boy for sure.


  1. Looks like Riggs is having a great time there, too bad about the beach though as I know how much Labs love water! Good job helping your neighbours with their awning too. Those contraptions can be quite tricky especially if you haven't unraveled one before. Good to see you're going to have nice, warm weather for the long weekend.

    And, hi to Riggs from Molly and Rylie!

  2. Looks like Rigg's is getting the hang of this camping thing just right! I hope you have a great weekend with the family. Have fun! Better buy a larger supply of those frisbees. :P

  3. Emma says "hi Rigg's...welcome to life on the road!" I'm hoping to pay it forward in the near future for the good samaritan help I received in Kansas City. Good of you to be so helpful! :)

  4. Tell Riggs he can add our Cody to his list of cyber buddies. Cody is our 11 year old Golden. A very special full-timer. He loves this lifestyle...he never had it so good.
    Glad you and Riggs had such a great day in the campground. He sure looks happy. Love those pics.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy, enjoy!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Now THAT is one Happy Campin' Dogger, for sure for sure!!!!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Riggs sure looks happy. Shame on him for chewing up the Frisbee! Oh heck, he's just having fun...just give him a hug and don't fuss at him.