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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Morning

Sam was up at 05:00am Donna was already up and the coffee was ready, Later she finished decorating the cake that her and Adam started earlier. Adam left last night to spend the weekend with his Mom. As I told you in the earlier blog the cake was for a friend of Donna's that works at the restaurant with her, she put herself through college and just graduated. Tomorrow they are having a party to celebrate.



The Cake is shaped like an open book that say's Chapter One Graduation 2010, Chapter Two Her Journey Begins.

Congratulations Leah and Good Luck in the future.

Not to much planned for today it is sunny and supposed to reach 83 degrees today so later after lunch I will fire the tractor up and do battle with the grass, just have to wait for it to dry. I see a trip to the grocery store happening before I do that  though.

Donna is scheduled for a night at the restaurant tonight so she will be out of here after 04:00 pm, I hope she takes a nap before she leaves and gets a little rest.

I wonder how the oven in the trailer will work if Donna wants to bake a cake or two on the road, time will tell, I put a pizza stone on the bottom of it to absorb and regulate the heat so there won't be any hot spots. I was told that will help, Maybe someone out there knows for sure.

I know it does a frozen pizza to perfection when Adam is out with us.

Who would have thought 30 years ago that you would eat a pizza while camping, a hot dog on a stick was it for those days.

Anyway to all our friends out there traveling or stopped at some camping site. Be safe out there, and have fun. Sam & Donna..


  1. Please tell Donna that's a great looking book!! People will eat that up for sure! Good idea on the pizza stone in the oven. We don't use our 5'er oven all that much, but when we do it seems to work just fine.

  2. Our oven doesn't get used a lot, and it's very small, but it bakes okay, just a little hotter than we are used to at home. We put a pizza stone in ours, too, and it helps regulate the heat.

    Great job on the cake, Donna! You are very talented!

  3. We use our oven about once a week and don't seem to have any problems with it except it runs a little hot too. I just watch whatever I am baking. Yesterday I made biscuits as we had biscuits and gravy for a late breakfast/early lunch before heading out to work.

    Donna did a great job on the cake. Reminding me of times in the past when I used to decorate cakes.

  4. What a beautiful cake!! Donna is very talented and Leah should be very surprised. :)
    We don't even have an oven in our motorhome, just microwave/convection. We did have one in our other MH and I never used it. I have also heard that the stone is great in regulating the heat. Should work very well.

    Take care and enjoy your weekend!!

    Mike & Gerri

  5. We have never used the oven in the Motor Home. It holds our pots & pans. And who would have ever thought years ago that camping & television would ever go together.

  6. we use our oven in the trailer quite often..bake cookies..brownies..scalloped potatoes..ham..it works very well..not quite like at home but it gets the job done!!
    nice cake by the way..if only I was that talented..!!

  7. Your cake is great!

    We only have the micro/convection oven in our rig too. So we use the Coleman Instastart propane oven for baking when we camp. Although it won't fit an 10x15 cake pan, it will do a 9x13 one.

    I just posted about it on my blog yesterday...

    Karen and Steve
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