Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Musings

Same routine, up at 04:30am, coffee with Donna, then Donna heads out at 05:30am, and Sam goes down to the office for some blogging, Adam was up at 07:00am and Rigg’s had to have his morning lovin. from Adam.


                              Time for a kiss Adam


                          Can you tell were best friends

Rigg’s always follows Adam off to the sun porch and watches him leave for school and wait for the bus at the end of the driveway, his eyesight must be better than mine as I can hardly see him, when the bus picks him up then he will come in and launch his attempt for more attention from Dad.

I told you guys a few blogs back how Rigg’s tries to get my overnight bag away from the door when I get ready to leave for a trip. You railroader’s out there will call it your grip. Donna put the bag by the door last night and this was the result.


                   OH, OH Dad must be heading out again.


                                    Well we’ll see about this


                    What’s he got, rocks in this. it’s heavy.

Boy was he happy to see the bag go back into the bedroom, it’s all ready packed for my next trip.

Been following a lot of blogs of people who are either full timing, still on winter vacations, or like us waiting to get the house sold and hit the road. John and Bridgett just got on the road last week, it was great to follow their progress to hitting the road. Ken & Nannette are on the way to their summer work camping adventure, Boy they got out of Kentucky at the right time as the campground where they wintered is under a bunch of water from the Kentucky River flooding. lucky for them they got out before this.Sam is puttering with a little of this and little of that getting the 5th wheel the way he wants it before our adventure starts, uncountable there will be a list of things to change once we live in it a while.

We are still hoping to spend some time this summer in Pennsylvania with my Sister and Brother, and niece Barbara, once we are on the road we will be going to the Gulfport MS area where my niece Tammy lives, That is a nice place to winter and maybe spend Christmas with a relative, and then head over to Texas. for awhile, plans around here are usually written in jello so we will just play the whole thing by ear.

Anyway, be safe out there, Sam & Donna

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  1. Christmas in the south sounds pretty darn nice (and warm). I'll think of you while we are up in Tumwater this next winter freezing. :)