Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday started like a normal day. reveille at 04:30am, coffee with Donna, she said after a good rest and some medication yesterday she was feeling her normal self this morning, Thank you everyone for for your well wish's, my worst fear is of something happening to her, I would be totally lost without her. Off she went to the truck company. I had a 09:00am appointment at the audiologist to have my hearing aids checked out, they are only a month or so old and the right one started squealing, when I took them in the doctor said I had a wax buildup in my ears and my Family Doctor should flush them out, I usually have to have this done once or sometimes twice a year. Anyway yesterday at the doctors they were flushed and the hearing aid still squealed. I went in this morning and after a few minutes on the computer they were good as new, no squeal.

I had planned to get the chain saw out since it was a gorgeous morning in the 70's and do the heavy duty cutting of the downed pear tree, First the thing kept having the chain jump off, not good, I should have noticed that the oil compartment was empty which I filled before starting which means , my son who used it last probably ran it without chain oil and heated it up. Anyway after four times it was off to Home Depot where I bought a replacement bar and chain($40). Got home and started to work and the saw performed flawlessly, Like I should be surprised, it had oil a new chain, fresh gas, what more could it want. So after I got most of the big stuff into 2 foot sections and all the limbs with leaves off and everything on the ground I filled the wagon behind the John Deere to take it back to the wood pile. First trip after I unloaded some limbs I notice one of the tires on the trailer is flat, so I get it to the garage and jack it up and I find out that the only way I am going to fix it will mean a trip to Farmer Charlies to find that odd size tube that it needs, the tire isn't repairable. Not today, so I park the trailer and get a small chain and I decide to drag the limbs back, just like big time loggers do, as I'm chaining the first load together, I got a very hot bite of some kind just above my ankle through my jeans and socks, I at first thought it was a copperhead by the sting, but I couldn't see anything crawling away. I thought right then that's what I get for wearing tennies instead of work boots, but it was to late then. as I was unloading the wood onto the pile I started to feel the effects of the bite so, that was it for the day. I went in and took to antihistamines and drank some water and laid down. Donna thought it might have been a hornet, but they usually travel in bunches and this was one really hot bite.


                    Not Bad for a couple hours work


                The Pear is really dry so it will burn pretty good

I played around a little with the new camera last night, Rigg's the ham is always a willing subject.


         The yellow is from the sunset coming in the back door.


This was later when the sunset was over and the white floor looks white.


                    Hey Dad are you still taking pictures?

Hey Donna, up in Sandwich IL He's waiting for the opportunity to give you a big sloppy wet doggie kiss, Have to warn you though he has a very big tongue and a towel might be handy to have.

He sure knows when something isn't right with you. Last night he snuggled with Donna all day when she was under the weather, and today when I laid down after taking the antihistamine he wouldn't leave my side on Adam's bed where I put a train movie on.

Heard from Adam today he is counting the days till vacation and has been fishing and swimming with his Mom's boyfriend and says he caught a really big fish. Hope somebody got a picture of it.

That's about it for now from Dardenne Prairie, I swear the medicine makes you dizzier than the bite, that seems to be the case with a lot of medicine today, The cure is worse than the disease. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.


  1. I have been bitten by Fire Ants a couple times and they are MISERABLE!! Now I keep Benadryl pills and cream in the RV at all times! Oh..and tell Riggins a big sloppy drooly dog lips kiss right back at him!!!

  2. Bad enough you have to do all that work without nearly getting bitten to death too!! Take it easy out there, you just never know what's lurking in the weeds.

  3. nice pictures of Riggs!!..such a houndsome fella!!..'Tucker says hey!!'

  4. Ya, those ankle biters can be a nasty bit of business alright. Could easily have been a single hornet that had been buzzing around in the wood alright.

  5. Well you really did work hard but please be careful with those bites. They can get dangerous.
    Take care!
    Glad Donna is feeling better and had such a good nurse with Riggs (and Sam)! LOL
    I bet Adam is really getting excited. I see so many young guys here about his age and it is so much fun to watch them "camping."

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  6. Copperhead??? Holy smokes, I'd die if I even saw one in my yard. Oh yeah...I don't have a yard anymore.

    Glad Donna is feeling better. Hope you do too, Sam, and have no ill effects from that bite.

  7. Wow! You two have had a lousy two days, and we hope it's all behind you. Funny how things crop up after 50. Unless you're planning to spend more time in bed, you've got to be careful about what you're doing. Seeing your own doctor is no treat, but seeing strange doctors on the road is much worse.

    Great camera. I used to have quality cameras, but now settle for a point and shoot. Sure wish I had yours when we were in Denali. It's a good choice.

    Jodie and Coco say "Hi' to the hunk.


  8. Hope you and Donna are back to 100% again. Glad you found the camera you wanted. Riggs is certainly very photogenic.