Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday thoughts,or a blast from the past.

Got home a little earlier than I expected, we left Janesville WI. at 08:00am instead of the afternoon departure that was originally planned, Had a great lunch at Cheddar's in Springfield IL. and arrived at the St Louis School for the Blind at 04:30pm.
Still had 100 miles to deadhead back to the terminal, get the bus put away and then 65 miles back home in my truck, so it was after 08:00PM before I finally arrived home. That’s a lot better than the expected 02:00Am.
Rigg’s was in seventh heaven that his Dad was home and slobbered and wiggled all over me, Mom & Andy & Adam all received their surprises from Wisconsin, Mom got a nice girl’s tee shirt, Andy wanted a cheese head hat,what a job finding that item.And then grandpa got Adam a tee shirt and a soopersoaker that was on sale at Wal-Mart, it can be outfitted with a 2 liter soda bottle for extra water capacity. Adam graciously told me that I could have his old one, which probably doesn’t have near the soaking capacity, so I will be outgunned again.
                              Rigg’s always the ham.
Rig's and Donna04-04-10
                        Watcha makin Mom,Huh, Huh.
Now here a couple for the car buff’s out there from our younger days.
                 Donna and our Mustang Mach 1 (1971)
                         Donna and her 1973 Thunderbird.
See when your young and no kids around the house yet, you can have some nice cars. Boy did that go out the window when the boys came along.
Anyway After our morning coffee together, Donna went off to the truck company, and Adam went off to school and now with it still being to wet to plow, or cut grass, Grandpa will relax until the phone rings and Mike from Trailways wants to know if I will take another trip, I always say yes and it’s always a nice surprise to find out where in this great country i will be going to next. No routes for me, only charters, so I go wherever the group wants to go. Is this a great country or what, Sorta like what me and Donna are going to be doing soon.
Be safe out there and thanks for the comments on my last trip, Sam & Donna.


  1. Been a little too busy to comment the last few days. :) What an interesting trip with the blind school swimmers. Never thought about how they would know when to flip over at the end of the pool. Thanks

  2. What a beautiful photo of your Riggs. He looks loveable, that's for sure.

    I love those cheesehead hats!!! How cool that you found one to bring home.

    Glad you made it safe and sound after such a long, tiring journey.

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  4. It's always great to come home and see how much our dogs have missed us!! Great reminders of the 70's and the muscle cars - guess those days are gone for good now!

  5. Ohhh just love them cars from our youth.... my first car was Chevelle when I was 16...wheeeee then it was a big old Ford Galaxie 500 when 17, and then at 18 I got a super fast MonteCarlo -- gosh that car FLEW!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard