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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Musings

Well Sam hit the sack right after supper last night (6PM) and didn’t wake up till reveille at 04:30AM. Donna already had made a pot of the Tim Horton’s Fine Grind that Sam brought her home and she said it was really good, look’s like you guys up north make a good cup of coffee if you can get Donna’s endorsement, After US Navy coffee Sam is not hard to please. Donna got off to the truck company, Adam was up at 07:AM his Dad gave him the news that he needed a shower before school since he was playing with his friend Brandon till dark and then went to bed without one last night, Andy (my son) is like Grandma when it comes to kid cleaning, Grandpa probably would have let him sandbag one day, He didn’t smell bad. But Dad’s word is law. I got Adam off to school and now it is blog time.

Today a Broker is coming to look at the house, we are now in the Dardenne Prairie commercial zone so we have decided since this area will be going to business’s we will try to sell to a developer and not to someone looking for a residence. We’ve been told it would be to our advantage, No long list of repairs from 20 years of living in it, to make a used house look new.

Whatever will be will be, but I hope we are lucky and it goes fast, we are on 2 acres so there is room for a small business and parking.

Also my buddy John Deere will have his plow removed and the 6ft belly deck put on, and then a test run around the yard as it started to get overgrown the last week I was gone. It sure greened up fast here in Missouri.

Rigg’s is glad his Dad is home, he spent his time getting his lovin’s last night the whole time Sam was awake.

Remember I said about blogging under combat conditions, this was the picture that was supposed to go with that. It was taken at the College in Ullin Il. on my last Illinois trip.

Ullin Il04-02-10

Even an electric outlet, and a porta-potti out of the picture.

That’s it for today,Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

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  1. Hope you get your property sold soon and are living your dream! After arriving home I think I would have GIVEN our house away!!