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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday doings

Got a call from my terminal manager last night he asked if I would take a trip from Central Methodist College, to Hannibal LaGrange College in Hannibal Mo. Normally I don’t take one day trips because of the drive back and forth to the terminal. I like to split it up over a couple of days so I don’t spend as many hours driving in one day. However he was desperate and the school is a good account, and also it’s the boys baseball team, so I said yes. So here I am sitting on the bus writing my blog and waiting for the games to start.

I should be home by 10:00PM so that won’t be bad, Then I have a trip on Friday morning from St Louis MO to Janesville WI. Hey Karen I’m finally heading up to your neck of the woods, How far is Janesville from you & Stevio?

I will be up there in Janesville until Sunday night and then return for the early Monday morning hours,

Not much else to note, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna


  1. Oh gosh.. that is about 200 miles away! drat! If only it was NEXT weekend! Because I am going to be near there for a weaving convention and Steveio is gonna be hanging out in the motorhome in the parking lot for four days!

    Karen and Steve
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  2. Travel safe, Sam. Enjoy the drive.