Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday thoughts

Well, had our coffee and said our goodbyes, then Donna headed for the truck company, Sam will be out of here later in the morning and will return late Sunday or early Monday.

We got Donna’s car back last night, they found the shift Cable had broken, and needed to be replaced. The total bill was $182US, towing was billed to our insurance, that’s a nice feature.

I guess that isn’t bad for having to have your car for work and getting it back in one day. A cable? what ever happened to steel rod 1/2 inch in diameter with sturdy clips holding them together like on the old cars, never heard of a shift rod breaking, Hell you needed a torch or a hacksaw to break one in two.

Not much else going on Sam will let you know how beautiful Zanesville Ohio is tomorrow.

Hey how about another chapter in the adventures of Rigg’s he’s always ready for another chance.

“ok Mom, I need your help, you know I'm still a pup and my vocabulary is still growing.

Here are some of the things you yelled at me for taking and I don’t understand the names you called them can you please explain what they are.

A fishing bobber....does it teach fish to bob ?...oh, helps catch fish....well wouldn’t that have saved you money if I'd caught some fish for dinner ?

A laundry basket....I know it was big and I was so proud I could carry it over my head that way ! .  It what ? well, if I hid all of them it would be less work for you...no laundry.

A coat hanger...its used for hanging up coats ?.....well of course I don’t need one, I don’t hang up my coat silly, so why couldn’t I chew it up. its useless .

A bra...that one almost hurt me....as I was running I stepped on one end and almost fell.....it's for girls only !.  well I'm a boy so guess I don’t need to know what it is.

A dryer sheet...now what does a dryer need with a sheet ?......oh its for inside the dryer and has chemicals? well no wonder you kept saying yuck.

Thanks mom.

I promise I'll try to be better tomorrow, honest, I will, I will”Rigg's with stolen bowl03-31-10b

                 Rigg’s with a plastic bowl he stole.

Be safe out there . Sam & Donna.


  1. Your Riggen sounds a lot like our Rylie - always in some kind of trouble. Nice post, it was a fun read!

  2. That Riggs is a hoot! He sure has a good vocabulary!

  3. hi... my name is Donna and we are full time RVers. I just thought I'd stop by to say hello... I joined your followers list so I can see what your up to. Your little fur baby is so cute!!! Have a wonderful day & travel safe!

  4. OMG - Riggs, you are such a bad boy. You look so cute and innocent but you seem to be a little terror. You're a lucky boy though - your parents seem to love you a lot.