Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Home on Monday

Left Zanesville at 12:45AM CDT with the kids made two rest stop stops and one breakfast stop, we arrived at the Jefferson City High School at 01:30PM CDT, for a total of just about 13 hours and 9 hours driving. I then had to take the bus to the terminal at Kingdom City MO, about 30 miles, and then I had the 65 mile mile commute home so I was on the road a total of about 690 miles today, I will sleep good tonight. Got home just as Adam was arriving home from school, of course he casually asked if Grandpa had brought him anything back from Ohio. Luckily for him Grandpa had scored a genuine Ohio sheriff’s badge, so he was really tickled, he is taking it to school to show the class tomorrow. Donna got her bag of Tim Horton’s coffee, maybe she will make a batch in the morning to try it. The only ones left out were my son Andy and Rigg’s. Maybe next time, I already have a trip for next week scheduled with the same high school going to Branson MO, and it will be with the same bus, a new one. I forgot to mention I had a really nice new MCI J4500 on this trip. Anyway that’s about it I will post something tomorrow.

Be safe out there, Sam & Donna


  1. Wow, 690 miles. What a long day! Glad it is over for now. Sleep well.

  2. Have a good rest - 690 miles in a day is a long haul!