Riggins with little brother Charlie and little sister Sadie.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Up at 04:30am, three cups of coffee this morning, I should be walking on water, Donna got off to work at 05:30am, I went down to my office to do some serious blogging, only trouble is I left most of my thoughts upstairs in the kitchen, anyway, today was supposed to be rainy but the new revised forecast says Fair and 84 degrees, what a job these weather forecasters have, are they union or what. anyway I will now have some nice weather to plan for a day of puttering. Rigg’s got up with us and naturally after his mandatory potti break outside was willing to bug Mom and Dad while Donna got ready for work, good thing he doesn’t drink coffee.Sam&Rigg's 04-15-10

Here’s Rigg’s this morning pushing against Dad’s legs for attention.

Adam will be getting up soon and then it will be off to school for him,

I think many times how lucky we are to have him with us to share in our lives and give us the opportunity to have some real time with him before we set off on our adventure, he has already asked about going with us for the summer until school starts, his Mom and Dad will have the final say on that.

I am issuing a plea for anyone who has put a Jake brake on a Chev/GMC 3/4 to 1ton truck to let me know how it went and what kind they have experience with. you can contact me at my pm weeb@centurytel.net with you experience. I really would like to hear from those that have been there and done that, since I like the brakes on our coaches at work and would like to have something similar on my truck before we start our journey.

Also Glad to hear that Dennis & Donna, Al & Kelly and others have made it home safely from their winter travels. With all the driving I do, I see some really crazy things out there on our highways.

Be safe out there, we are still counting down, Sam & Donna….


  1. Good morning Sam and Riggs. Now I'm peering over your shoulder..into your Kitchen wall decorations..as any good woman would do!! Tell Donna we share a love for roosters. I see her Copley rooster in the corner. I packed mine up ..but I am so debating getting them out and taking them with us!! Any-hoo give her the message please sir!!

    Thanks..Cindy and Walker

  2. Like you, we enjoy spending time with our "Grands". We couldn't be on the road straight for 7 to 10 months without seeing them, even for a little bit.

    Nice pic of you and Riggs.